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Elvis Presley’s Estate Drops the King’s Unique Outlook on Criticism in New Post

by Jon D. B.
Elvis Presley (1935-1977), American rock 'n' roll legend - Getty Images Archives

The more popular Elvis Presley became, the more his life was picked apart at every turn. Such is the way of fame – something the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll himself knew all-too-well.

Few public figures have been written about as much as Elvis Presley. This is in no small part due to him being, perhaps, the most prolific entertainer in human history. While his fame only seems to increase posthumously, Elvis very much would experience the phenomenon of himself while alive. And then some.

In many ways, by his own words, this is what led to his untimely, tragic passing in 1977. Yet before he left this earth, Elvis Presley would speak on the criticism that comes with fame. He did so, too, with a simple eloquence that should not be forgotten:

“I guess the more popular you are the more criticism you get.”

Elvis Presley

Presley’s quote comes courtesy of his estate’s official Instagram Monday. Accompanying is the above shot of the one and only Elvis Presley at the peak of his Vegas fame. A fitting choice, as this era would bring much in the way of criticism to the icon’s life.

No Matter the Criticism, Elvis Presley Continues to Heal

Yet no matter the criticism, the music of Elvis Presley continues to heal those it touches to this day. Among those who have confessed to this is none other than fellow timeless icon Paul McCartney. In fact, the musical genius cites the music of Elvis Presley as one of the greatest examples of the “healing power” of their artform.

“I think music is a great healer,” McCartney said in a February 2021 interview. “I think that you can be feeling terrible, then put on a piece of music you like and get swallowed up by it. You can go in into the mood of the music and it’s a magical thing,” he continued.

Today, thankfully, the world feels a bit more hopeful than it did in 2020. For Paul McCartney, however, that hope was never lost.

In spirit of this, McCartney gives a beautiful answer in the interview’s final question, citing the late icon that is and was Elvis Presley without any baiting. When asked how Paul himself views music – specifically if he finds “music helpful” – the legendary musician answers without a hitch.

“I remember once… When I was a kid, I was hanging out with my mate from school and I had a headache, and we put on an Elvis record – ‘All Shook Up’ – and at the end of the record I didn’t have the headache!” he adds. To be a fly on the wall for that moment!

“So, I’ve always believed in that power,” McCartney offers for his fellow, late icon. And if that’s not proof of the healing power of one Elvis Presley, we don’t know what is.