Elvis Presley’s Estate Explains Why They Would Never Do Hologram Tours of the King

by Clayton Edwards

Elvis Presley passed away in 1977. However, he gains more and more fans every day. Those who came along after his passing will never know the electrifying experience that was seeing the King on stage. So, some people think that a live show fronted by a holographic Elvis would be the next best thing.

Other artists have gone on stage long after their deaths. Stars like Selena, Tupac, and Whitney Houston have all been recreated through technology. So, why not Elvis Presley? It would give his younger fans a chance to get a taste of his live shows. At the same time, it would allow older fans to see the King take the stage one more time.

 Joel Weinshanker, managing partner of Graceland Holdings, said that Elvis Presley wasn’t a fan of the idea, according to Express. So, fans shouldn’t expect to see a holographic King belting out his hits any time soon.

Weinshanker said, “It’s important that we establish and put forth things that Elvis would want.” He went on to say that money wasn’t an issue. Graceland Holdings won’t do anything that they think would go against Elvis Presley’s wishes. After all, they are largely in charge of preserving his legacy.

However, the idea is not new to Weinshanker. He has been approached about an Elvis Presley hologram tour in the past. About that, he said, “I can tell you I chase people off with a stick who want to make a hologram of Elvis.”

Elvis Presley Wouldn’t Want A Hologram

Weinshanker isn’t just against the idea of an Elvis Presley hologram because he doesn’t like the idea. Although, he doesn’t think that holograms are good enough to capture the King’s live performances. He added, “it’s obvious that [Elvis] didn’t like them, never wanted to be one, thought it was kitschy, didn’t think it was real.”

Joel went on to say that there is, by definition, no soul in a hologram. Elvis Presley’s shows were all about him pouring his soul out to his fans. A hologram couldn’t begin to capture that in any meaningful way. To Weinshanker, it would be, “…a pale imitation.”

However, someone a little closer to Elvis Presley wouldn’t mind seeing a hologram tour. Priscilla Presley said that she isn’t opposed to the idea. However, she would want to see the technology improve vastly before making the attempt. She talked about this during a 2019 appearance on This Morning.

“It hasn’t progressed really to what I feel would be him,” Priscilla said of hologram technology. She added, “It’s very difficult to capture his image.”

However, she seems to be hopeful for the future of an Elvis Presley hologram tour. “I’m not saying it’ll never be around because it may progress on everybody, really. But, right now it’s not in progress.”