Elvis Presley Estate Posts Charming Surfboard Pic of the King From ‘Blue Hawaii’

by Clayton Edwards

When Elvis Presley returned from the military, he went to Hollywood. The King starred in several films right after he got back from Germany. Many of those films were what some referred to as “postcard movies.” Those releases featured a good-looking cast in an even more beautiful setting. And, there are few locations more breathtakingly beautiful than Hawaii. Over the course of this acting career, the King starred in three films based in the Aloha State. Among those were Girls! Girls! Girls! and Paradise, Hawaiian Style. However, the one that kicked it all off was Blue Hawaii.

Blue Hawaii hit theater screens just months after Elvis Presley returned from his active duty deployment. He came back to the states in March of 1960. The movie premiered in November of that year. In the film, Elvis plays Chad Gates, a US Army veteran, and native of Hawaii. In the film, he is fresh out of the army and is ready to hit the beaches of his home. Likewise, Elvis had just come back to the states. So, he was probably more than ready to enjoy all that civilian life could offer him.

Recently, Elvis Presley’s estate posted a cool still from the film as well as some facts about it. Check out the post below.

The caption says that Blue Hawaii went on to be the 18th highest-grossing film of 1961. However, one follower pointed out that another source says that it was the tenth highest-grossing release of that year. Either one is an impressive feat. On the other hand, it is probably safe to stick with the King’s estate on the numbers.

The photo features Elvis Presley sitting on a surfboard in the ocean in front of his onscreen love interest in the film, Maile who was played by Joan Blackman. Just from this still, you can tell that Blue Hawaii was probably a joy to shoot.

Mora About Elvis Presley’s First ‘Hawaii’ Movie

They didn’t cut corners while filming Elvis Presley’s first Hawaiian film. In fact, most of the film was shot on location around the Aloha State. They did shoot some footage on a soundstage in Los Angeles. However, the bulk of the filming took place on the beach or in a Hawaiian resort, according to IMDb.

Angela Lansbury played Elvis Presley’s mother in Blue Hawaii even though she was only a few years his senior. Before her passing in 2003, the veteran actress talked to Turner Classic Movies about her time on the set. About Elvis, she said, “He was an awfully nice young man in those days. He always was a wonderfully nice young man, a very caring person.” She said that they spent time together on the set and Elvis was a joy to work with and be around.