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Elvis Presley Estate Posts Hilarious Pic of The King ‘Cruising’ Around Graceland on Awesome Retro Vehicle

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

Nobody makes it to the top of the music world by accident. It takes hard work and dedication. Elvis Presley knew all about that. When he performed live, he would pour out every ounce of energy he had to give. Likewise, his studio sessions were grueling affairs. In fact, there are dozens of cuts of songs he published sitting in a vault. They recorded several takes of each tune. So, there’s still stuff that almost no one has ever heard. In short, Elvis was a workhorse.

However, nobody can throw themselves completely into their work with no downtime. Those that do burn out fast. Elvis Presley loved music. In fact, when he passed away in 1977, he was getting ready to hit the road again. That is because the King knew how to unwind when he wasn’t working. To ensure he and the Memphis Mafia could have plenty of leisure time, he outfitted Graceland with some of the best toys possible. They had a shooting range, a racquetball court, and several ATVs among other things.

Elvis Presley’s estate posted a photo of the King spending some leisure time at home. In the photo, Elvis is riding a vintage 3-wheeled golf cart. It looks like he’s having a blast. Check out the photo below.

In the caption, the King’s estate said that Elvis Presley loved cruising around Graceland’s sprawling grounds on a sunny afternoon. After all, he had almost 14 acres to roam. So, he could kill a whole afternoon just tooling around his mansion’s grounds. He also had plenty of options for small vehicles to do it on.

Elvis Presley’s Kingly Auto Collection

Elvis Presley had a huge collection of cars when he was alive. in fact, there is a whole museum dedicated to his automobiles at Graceland. However, he didn’t just keep a whole fleet of cars to himself. He would often give nice rides as gifts to his friends and family. At one point, he even got a car as a gift. Priscilla gave him a Mercedes Benz 280SL Roadster for Christmas in 1970.

However, Elvis Presley had more than just luxury cars. When he bought the Circle G Ranch in Mississippi, he bought a fleet of pickup trucks along with it. The King knew he and his pals couldn’t ride the ranch in Lincolns and Benzes.

At the same time, not all of Elvis Presley’s rides were street legal. In fact, when he was dating Linda Thompson, they would spend afternoons zipping around Graceland on ATVs. The photo above shows that he owned at least one golf cart as well. It seems like if it had wheels and moved, Elvis wanted it.