Elvis Presley Estate Posts Snap of the King Sporting His Iconic Nautic Sunglasses Complete With Smile

by Clayton Edwards

Elvis Presley didn’t just make rock and roll a marketable genre. He did it with style. There’s no denying that the king had a unique and iconic fashion sense. Just about everything he wore became iconic. For instance, fans of his music and aesthetic still copy his hairstyle. At the same time, his sequined jumpsuits are the stuff of legends. People travel from all around the world to visit Graceland and marvel at his stage outfits. Speaking of Graceland, the King was such an icon that his home itself became a landmark. Now, that’s a whole new level of stardom.

Elvis Presley’s estate is great about giving fans both information about and photos of the King. They post daily. In the posts, they deliver little pieces of trivia to increase everyone’s knowledge of the legendary rocker. Usually, they have photos that are related to the facts they post. Today seems to be a little different though.

They shared a photo of Elvis wearing a huge smile and his trademark Nautic 2 sunglasses earlier today. In the caption, they noted that his album From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee went platinum a little under two months after he died. The King passed away on August 16th, 1977. The album went platinum on October 10th of the same year.

We all know that Elvis Presley was a top-notch musician. However, let’s take a little time to talk about his sunglasses. They have become a staple for everyone who wants to copy the King’s look. So, they’re definitely worth discussing.

Elvis Presley’s Iconic Sunglasses

The Elvis Presley look wouldn’t be complete without those sunglasses. Like most of his accessories, his shades were custom-made. According to Barneby’s Magazine, the glasses had “EP” on the bridge. They also featured the famous acronym TCB on the frame itself.

Even before he had them custom made, Elvis Presley’s shades were top-of-the-line. They are the Nautic 2 line of sunglasses made by the German manufacturer Neostyle. You can still get the basic version of the Nautic 2 for just under $400. However, the King didn’t get anything basic.

Elvis Presley wasn’t worried about the price of anything. If he wanted it, he bought it. No questions asked. According to Neostyle founder Konstantin Livas, the King ordered five pairs of glasses from an optician on Sunset Boulevard in LA.

Elvis Presley loved those shades so much that he ordered three more pairs of them. Those were a little different, though. Their frames were made of solid gold.

Elvis Presley’s custom TCB Nautic 2 shades are currently stored in the Graceland archives.