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Elvis Presley Estate Releasing Graphic Novel Featuring Late Rock-n-Roll Icon

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Bettmann / Contributor/Getty Images

The legacy of the late rock ‘n’ roll icon lives on. This time, it’s in the pages of a graphic novel with bright, vibrant colors, and a cartoon version of Elvis Presley.

Through the traditional style of a graphic novel, this book will tell a unique version of Presley’s incredible life in the spotlight.

Elvis’ estate shared images of the new graphic novel to their Instagram page. They urged fans to pre-order the book as well as a limited edition vinyl.

While many fans are excited about the new release, others are skeptical of just how much they’re selling it for.

“I don’t care who it is, those prices are extremely high. Reprice them realistically and I’ll buy it,” said one commenter.

The book goes for $99.99 for the deluxe version. It is also only $24.99 for the standard edition hardcover and $299.99 for the super deluxe version.

Between the Pages of Upcoming Release

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the book is being released by Z2 Comics next summer. It is created in a partnership between Authentic Brands Group and the Elvis Presley estate.

The book will tell the story of Presley from the start of his career in Memphis. Then it will go through the Sun Studio period, all the way to the end of his life.

Chris Miskiewicz, who worked on “Grateful Dead: Origins” and artist Michael Shelfer will be working on the project.

Z2 has also featured other music biographies in the past. In addition to “Elvis: The Graphic Novel,” they have also created graphic novels for Beethoven, Gorillaz, Black Keys, Grateful Dead, and Charlie Parker.

“Elvis is one of the most universally celebrated names in entertainment. Much like The Beatles, his name transcends music itself as one of the larger than life figures in the history of entertainment. Our hope is to make this graphic novel an origin story for Elvis fans akin to what Alan Moore’s ‘Whatever Happened To the Man of Tomorrow’ is for the Son of Krypton,” according to a statement from the publisher, Josh Frankel.

The book will have a deluxe “Blue Suede” edition as well as the standard version. The deluxe version includes an exclusive vinyl compendium and prints from the artists.

You can preorder it now by clicking here.

Other Elvis Presley Work

Besides the upcoming biography graphic novel, other artists have also channeled the spirit of Presley in their work.

There is “Elvis: A Graphic Novel that was created in 2011 by Terry Lee Collins and Michele Melcher.

In the past, he has been portrayed as anything from a spy to a ghost to a superhero in different forms of art.

His popular reappearance stopped haunting people as much. However, with the newest graphic novel, the fandom is back in full swing.

In addition to the graphic novels, Elvis has also been the focus of several films. Most notably will be the 2021 release of the film “Elvis.” The film is a biographical drama directed by popular director Baz Luhrmann. It will star Austin Butler and Tom Hanks.

In 2018, Hulu released “Elvis Presley: The Searcher.” The movie “Elvis & Nixon” is also a popular film with Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey. It tells the story of when Elvis and Nixon met.