Elvis Presley Estate Remembers When The King Started a ‘Rebellion’ With a ‘Hip-Shaking Appearance’ on TV in New Post

by Joe Rutland

Elvis Presley truly was causing a ruckus when he appeared on a TV show back in 1956. His estate marks the date through social media.

Presley made an appearance on “The Milton Berle Show” on June 5, 1956. Most performers back then, much like now, appear on TV screens from head to toe. Apparently, the gyrating hips that “The King” was moving on Berle’s show proved too much for the public. Some of them wanted Presley off TV for good.

What happened? Well, the TV camera fully showed Presley dancing while singing “Hound Dog.” That did not sit well with a lot of people watching at home.

Here’s what the Elvis Presley Estate shared with the world on Instagram on Saturday.

Elvis Presley Talks About Being Called ‘Elvis the Pelvis’ In Interview

Elvis Presley was aware that his dance move caused a stir in society back in the 1950s. An article on TV Insider recalls an interview he gave “TV Guide” for its Sept. 29, 1956, issue.

“Naw, sir,” Presley said. “I don’t like them to call me Elvis the Pelvis. It’s the most childish expression I ever heard from an adult. Elvis the Pelvis.

“And another thing. I don’t roll my — what they call ‘pelvic gyrations’ — my pelvis has nothing to do with what I do,” he said. “I just — I get rhythm with the music … jump around to it because I enjoy what I’m doing.” He said in the “TV Guide” interview that he’s not trying to be vulgar.

“I just do a lot of wigglin’ and quiverin’, but I never do a bump or grind,” Presley said. “I can’t sit still when I sing, so the kids can’t sit still.”

The little boy from Tupelo, Miss., would melt the hearts of millions of fans over the years. Presley died on Aug. 16, 1977, at his home in Memphis, Tenn.

Piece Of Las Vegas Is Named In the King’s Honor

Obviously, every Elvis Presley fan, whether hardcore or not, knows he performed in Las Vegas many times. His International Hotel (now Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino) performance on July 31, 1969, is part of his concert film “Elvis: That’s The Way It Is.”

It’s worthwhile that he receives his name on a street sign in a city where he performed to sold-out shows.

In December 2016, Elvis Presley Boulevard was put up in a small portion of Clark County, Nev., street. This is four-tenths of a mile long and runs from the Las Vegas Strip to Paradise Road, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

It is near the Las Vegas Convention Center and the Westgate which is the old International Hotel.