Elvis Presley Estate Reveals Secrets on How to Create the King’s Iconic Hairstyle

by Jon D. B.

Has there ever been a more iconic head of hair? Thanks to the Elvis Presley Estate, now all fans of the King can prep their pompadours exactly as he did.

Once upon a time, a young Elvis Presley would run a comb through his famous tresses at the Draftee Receiving Depot in Memphis. The photo above, taken on March 24th, would mark one of the last times Elvis would rock his signature pompadour pre-U.S. Army enlistment. We see him here as the world’s most famous songster prepares for a trip to the G.I. barber on March 25th, 1958.

Elvis would also be sworn in on the 24th as an Army Private. And it all came courtesy of his draft notice – received on December 20, 1957, while spending Christmas with his family at Graceland.

While the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll was unable to rock his trademark tresses in service, his perfect pompadour would return the minute he did. It’s a look the icon would rock for the remainder of his life in one form or another – one that would become synonymous with the name Elvis Presley.

Now, more than sixty years after his drafting, Presley’s estate is sharing the key to his luscious locks. Citing an “Elvis’s hair how-to,” the keepers of his secrets break down his hair methodology step by step. Ready to pomp-up like the King?

Elvis Presley’s Hair How-To:

Firstly, Presley fans can “create the look by backcombing or ratting at the roots of the hair, starting on the sides of the pompadour and working towards the top of the head.”

“Then, comb up and over the ratted hair, combing off the forehead and working the front up into a curl straight back.”

“Finally, pull [the hair] back towards the center,” his estate details. And that’s that!

The Elvis Presley Estate shares his secrets alongside a revealing throwback photo. Within, we see an enlisted young King looking rather discouraged as his G.I. barber finally shaves the very pompadour fans cherish from his head.

According to History.com, Elvis was “widely praised for not seeking to avoid the draft or serve domestically.” As such, “Presley was seen as a model for all young Americans.”

And it’s true. While Presley’s adoring fans “sent tens of thousands of letters to the army asking for him to be spared… Elvis would have none of it.”

The icon would serve his tenure for a two-year stint in the army. He did, however, receive one deferment in order to finish his movie ‘King Creole,’ which he did – pompadour and all. And as is so often the case with Elvis Presley – the rest is history.