Elvis Presley Estate Shares Glamorous Headshot of the King

by Clayton Edwards

Elvis Presley wasn’t just the King of Rock and Roll. He was also an actor and a style icon. His hair launched the careers of stylists around the country. His iconic black locks inspired the first hair salon for men to open. The man behind that salon, Larry Geller was later The King’s personal stylist. In fact, Elvis saw his hair as his trademark. So, he worked long and hard to make sure it was perfect.

Elvis Presley kept Larry Geller close at hand. He didn’t just want to get his hair the way he wanted. He made sure it stayed that way. In fact, Geller would come along with The King to movie sets. Between scenes, Geller would touch up Elvis’ hair to keep it looking its best.

This month, Elvis Presley’s estate is using The King’s Instagram profile to talk about his hair. Every post this month will focus, in some way, on Elvis’ luxurious trademark locks. Today they shared a smoldering headshot of Elvis at a young age with slick, black hair. In the caption of the post, they added an interesting fact about the early days of The King’s styling choices.

The caption on the post reads, “The first hair dye Elvis used was boot polish…which wasn’t successful!⁣”

Wait. Elvis Presley Used Hair Dye?

Did you know that Elvis Presley dyed his hair? He certainly did. Nature gave him several things. He had a handsome face, a good sense of rhythm, and, above all else, a terrific voice. He even got thick, gorgeous hair. However, that hair was dirty blonde. As he got older it darkened a little bit. It never got to the jet black that he wanted though.

So, Elvis Presley set about changing that. As today’s post from his estate says, he started by using boot polish. He did this because when he started trying to dye his hair, he couldn’t afford actual hair dye. So, he had to use what he had on hand.

Later in life, though, money wasn’t an obstacle for Elvis Presley. At the height of his fame, The King didn’t need to worry about anything financially. So, he didn’t even use off-the-shelf hair dye. To achieve that iconic shade of black, Larry Geller worked some serious magic. He blended several different colors of dye together to create what would become The King’s trademark hair color.