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Elvis Presley Estate Shares Pic of the King’s Boyish-Good Looks

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Archive Photos/Getty Images)

Today, we think of Elvis Presley as the King of Rock and Roll. He’s a huge part of American culture and history. In fact, people look at his music and style as family-friendly and even wholesome. However, this wasn’t always the case. We tend to forget that when Elvis was just hitting his peak, he was something of a counter-culture icon. The kids loved him. On the other hand, he scared the parents and old heads. He was the symbol of something new and frightening that was coming to change the world completely.

Countless entertainment establishment types disliked Elvis Presley. Even Frank Sinatra once said that rock and roll was, “…the most brutal, ugly, degenerate, vicious form of expression it has been my displeasure to hear.” There’s no secret that he was throwing shade at Elvis in that statement.

This is the kind of backlash that you can expect when you shake up an entire industry. Elvis Presley took the world by storm. He changed the face of music. Some people don’t like change.

In today’s Instagram post, the Elvis Presley estate shared a photo of a young Elvis. They also shared a short story that highlights the public’s resistance to the change he was bringing.

Elvis Presley Frightened the Establishment

This month, Elvis Presley’s estate is taking time to discuss The King’s hair in-depth. So far, they have talked about how he got his trademark locks the right color, the products he used, and the history of the hairdo. However, they looked at the controversy that surrounded the look for today’s post.

The caption of the photo of the young Elvis Presley reads, “In the Fall of 1956, a 16-year-old was suspended from high school in Michigan for showing up with an ‘Elvis Haircut,’.”

In today’s world, Elvis Presley as well as his iconic hairstyle are just part of the American culture. The “Elvis cut” or pompadour is one of the most innocuous styles available. However, back in the mid-fifties, it was the equivalent to showing up with a brightly-colored mohawk or something of that nature.

This short statement teaches us several important lessons. Firstly, it shows the adversity that Elvis Presley faced during his rise to fame. Things weren’t easy for The King. He didn’t win the hearts of the masses overnight. At the same time, it shows just how much culture changes over time.