Elvis Presley Estates Shares Stunning Pic of the King in Front of Graceland Mansion

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit: Bettmann/Contributor/ Getty Images)

Elvis Presley is an icon. The fact that he passed away in 1977 hasn’t lessened his impact on the world. When you think about him, there’s a good chance that a few things come to mind. His music is most likely first and foremost. The King’s wardrobe as well as his iconic hairstyle are probably a close second. Somewhere near the top of that list, though is Graceland.

Elvis Presley’s sprawling Memphis mansion is nearly as iconic as the King himself. For years, people have come from all around the world to walk the floors where Elvis once lived. While there, many feel a deep connection to the King. In fact, some claim to have felt his spirit still there in the home.

Yesterday, Elvis Presley’s estate shared a photo of the King in front of his Memphis home. It looks like a candid shot. However, Elvis looks so well put together that it could very well be a planned photo. Either way, it’s a great look at Presley in front of his home.

The real mystery here is what Elvis Presley is looking at just out of the frame. Whatever it is, he definitely likes what he sees.

The caption of the photo doesn’t give any hints. However, it does mention that there is still plenty of time to sign up for a special Mother’s Day event.

Elvis Presley Loved His Mama

Elvis Presley had many loves in his life. You could make the case that he loved his mom, Gladys, more than anything else in this world. In fact, she passed away while he was in Germany serving his country. That changed him in a big way. Before that, he and his parents, Gladys in particular were nearly inseparable.

Elvis Presley called his mom almost every day while he was on tour. Also, the King took good care of his folks as soon as he started making money from his music. Gladys’ bedroom is still preserved in Graceland today.

With that in mind, Elvis Presley’s estate mentioned that there is still time to sign up for the virtual tour of Graceland this weekend. If your mom, or any other special mom in your life, is an Elvis fan, you can surprise her with a virtual tour of the King’s mansion. Just head over to the Graceland website and get your tickets.