Elvis Presley’s Ex Linda Thompson Opens Up About Being a Part of Memphis Mafia

by Clayton Edwards

Elvis Presley knew that he had to choose his friends wisely. His fame drew in hangers-on like mooching moths to a massive flame. Knowing this, The King kept his inner circle small and tight. They called that inner circle the Memphis Mafia. However, the group wasn’t involved in massive criminal enterprises. Instead, the intimidating moniker came from their dark glasses, suits, and the fact that their bonds ran deep. They helped Elvis feel safe and comfortable as the young Mississippi native traversed the sometime-hostile landscape of fame and fortune. One of Presley’s love interests, Linda Thompson was considered a member of the elite crew.

According to Express, members of Elvis Presley’s inner circle were picky about who they wanted around. This specially extended to Elvis’ romantic partners. For instance, he was with Ginger Alden when he passed away. The many members of the Memphis Mafia looked down on her as an opportunist. However, surviving MM members still talk to Linda Thompson.

Linda Thompson and Elvis Presley dated for four years before he got with Ginger. Even after they split, the two stayed close. In a recent interview, Thompson opened up about being a member of the iconic Memphis Mafia.

The video below comes from the YouTube channel “The Memphis Mafia by Sheri Lacker.” Sheri is the daughter of an MM member and longtime friend of Elvis Presley Marty Lacker.

Elvis Presley’s Ex and the Memphis Mafia

When the subject of the Memphis Mafia came up, Linda Thompson had to clear the air. First, she addressed claims that the MM was using Elvis Presley for his fame, power, and money. About them, Thompson said, “Those guys adored him, they built their lives around him.” She went on to say that she felt “honored” to be counted among the Memphis Mafia’s tanks.

Linda Thompson added that she felt like “one of the guys,” when she was around Elvis Presley’s inner circle. She said, “I went on every single tour, I went to Vegas every time he played there. So, I really got to know all these guys very well.”

There’s a good chance that Linda Thompson felt even more honored about their acceptance of her after she saw how they treated Ginger. Above all, the Memphis Mafia looked out for Elvis Presley and he looked out for them. So, when someone new came around, they were watchful. To them, Ginger seemed to be there to get what she could out of The King. Linda, on the other hand, was different.

In her own words, Linda Thompson “loved [Elvis Presley] without any agenda or ulterior motive.” The Memphis Mafia saw that. This is why surviving members of the MM and their families still talk to Linda today.