Elvis Presley Estate Drops Father’s Day Slideshow Featuring the King and His Dad Vernon in Family Photos

by Clayton Edwards

Elvis Presley was an icon. He made records that changed the face of music. At the same time, he kicked the doors open for generations of performers. Elvis was also a fashion icon. His trademark look is still popular and sought-after by his fans. Those who long for a simpler time as well as older music also enjoy his retro look. We know plenty about Elvis. One of the most important things, though, was that he loved his family.

Check out the slide show that the Elvis Presley estate shared in honor of Father’s Day. It shows Elvis and Vernon together in family photos through the years. You can see the love between them in the pictures.

Elvis Presley and His Dad

Elvis Presley was famously close to his mother, Gladys. In fact, some say that Elvis named his ranch The Circle G in honor of Gladys. The King was also close to his father, Vernon.

Later on, Vernon Presley became Elvis’ financial manager. When Elvis wanted to pursue a relationship with the much younger Priscilla, Vernon was the only one to speak up. He warned Elvis that it could ruin his career like Jerry Lee Lewis.

When Gladys passed away, both Elvis Presley and his father were crushed. Her death brought them closer together. Vernon stayed near the King for the rest of his life. The elder Presley only lived for two years after Elvis died in 1977.

They had Elvis Presley when Vernon was only eighteen. At that time, he and Gladys were incredibly poor. However, they had one another. They struggled, saved, and made do with what they had. Both Vernon and Gladys worked hard to make sure that Elvis never wanted for anything while he was growing up.

In an interview, Vernon said that the Presley family was poor when he and Gladys got married. Elvis Presley came only months after their wedding. So, they didn’t have time to drag themselves out of poverty before he was born. When Vernon was sick, Gladys walked to work. Their one goal was to give their son all that they could.

Elvis didn’t forget all they did for him as a child. When he started making real money from his music, he told his parents that he would take care of them. He made good on his word. He gave his parents the best of everything until he passed away.