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Elvis Presley’s First Kiss Came From a Woman Who Later Went Onto Enroll in a Shocking Job

by Brandi Stillings
Photo by GAB Archive/Redferns

During his career, actor and musician Elvis Presley could’ve had any beautiful woman. The “King of Rock and Roll” had a lot going for him in the short time he spent getting famous. At the age of 22, Presley was handsome, wealthy, and available.

When he met Dolores Hart she was 19, fresh from the Midwest, and a Hollywood star on the rise. Her debut acting role was in Presley’s second movie, “Loving You.”

Presley starred in the film as deliveryman Deke Rivers, who also was an aspiring singer. As his co-star, Hart played the role of Susan, a girl who loved him too much to get in the way of his dream. Eventually, the two shared a romantic on-screen kiss, which also happened to be “The King’s” first kiss.

Hart once said how she didn’t even know who Elvis Presley was, before she agreed to the role.

“I had no idea who Elvis Presley was,” she said, per Express. “When I first met him, he was just a charming young boy with long sideburns. He couldn’t have been more gracious.”

Later, she also explained how Presley and Gary Cooper were the only two in Hollywood who called her “Miss Dolores.”

The co-stars grew very close during the film production. In fact, their chemistry was so unrivaled Presley wanted Hart to star with him again in the movie “King Creole” next year.

However, when he finally decided to ask the actress out, she turned him down. Since Hart had 5 a.m. calls every morning, she didn’t want to go out at night.

Eventually, as time went on, the co-stars had grown apart. Presley had to leave for military duties. In 1960, he came back as an actor in a series of roles that didn’t show his full potential.

After Elvis Presley; Actress Dolores Hart Leaves Hollywood

As for Hart, she produced the 1960 film “Where The Boys Are.” It was an influential screenplay, which studied young college teen sexuality. In addition, she walked away with a Tony Award nomination for her performance in the Broadway play “The Pleasure of His Company.”

Amidst all of her success, Hart decided to leave Hollywood and break off an engagement at 24 years old. Express wrote, she became more interested in her Catholic faith, and wanted to know her purpose in life.

While conducting her last press tour for the movie “Come Fly With Me,” Hart donated all of her possessions. Then, she began her new life in a covenant. Before leaving, she told actor Karl Maiden that it was “an affair of the heart.”

In 1970, Hart officially became Sister Dolores. Using her famous connections, such as actor Paul Newman, she created a monastery’s cultural program. The nuns perform a musical every year for surrounding residents in the community.

However, Hart made a final comeback to Hollywood in 2012. Inspired by her life story, HBO made a documentary film called “God Is the Bigger Elvis.” Per Express, it was nominated for the 2012 Academy Award for Best Documentary, Short Subject.