Elvis Presley’s Graceland: Take a Look Inside the King’s Hidden Stereo System in the Jungle Room

by Chris Haney

Elvis Presley fans who may not get the chance to visit Graceland can still enjoy a tour of The King’s mansion from afar. In a series of videos, fans are given a virtual tour and allowed to see private rooms in the house that are normally off-limits to visitors. Presley’s hidden stereo system in the Jungle Room downstairs is a highlight of one of these virtual tours.

Graceland posted a series of videos to YouTube showing off the various rooms and features of the Memphis, Tennessee mansion. The episode is titled “Hidden Graceland, Part 2 – Graceland Secrets.” Host Tom Brown and Graceland’s Director of Archives Angie Marchese take fans on a behind-the-scenes tour. During the episode, they show off Elvis Presley’s TV Room and Pool Room before making their way to the Jungle Room.

As Marchese states in the clip, the room is the den of the mansion off of the kitchen. The Jungle Room is adorned with rustic furniture throughout and wood-grained walls. Off to the side of the room against the wall and to the left of the couch is a dark-stained wood cabinet. Although it’s not obvious what it contains at first, it doesn’t take long to find out.

The Director of Archives opens the flat top of the cabinet to reveal an entire stereo system. In addition, it includes a built-in vinyl record player. The cabinet even had some of Elvis Presley’s old records still in it. They included a 7″ single by Morris Albert and a possible 7″ demo by Les Randall and Kris Arden. The hidden stereo system is just one of The King‘s many secrets scattered throughout Graceland.

Fans Get Virtual Tour of Elvis Presley’s Bird Room

Fans of The King likely enjoyed getting to see the Jungle Room and one of its hidden treasures. But they’ll enjoy another rarely seen private room in Elvis Presley’s home as well.

Even though Graceland has welcomed visitors for decades, there are still many areas of the home that are not shown on tours. Presley is well-known for his love of animals. However, most fans may not know that he had a room in Graceland specifically for his talking birds.

Just a few weeks ago, Express.co.uk took a live virtual tour of Graceland. It included a sneak peek at the appropriately named Bird Room. Once again, the estate’s expert guide Angie Marchese showed off the house via a live stream camera. These days the Bird Room is used for extra storage. Yet it used to be a dedicated home for The King’s myna birds.

The birds come from South Asia and are known to speak similar to parrots. As one might imagine, the myna birds made for some hilarious stories, which Marchese gladly shared.

“The myna birds here at Graceland would hear the maids talk a lot about Elvis not being at home. And so the myna birds would often repeat that,” Marchese explained to Express.co.uk. “The funniest story I’ve ever heard about the myna birds is that when they would hear that Elvis wasn’t home, they would say, ‘Elvis isn’t home right now! Elvis isn’t home right now!’”

“But then when Elvis was home, the myna birds would continue to tell people, ‘Elvis isn’t home right now! Elvis isn’t home right now!’ Even though he was home, which was kind of funny,” she added.