Elvis Presley’s Graceland: Why There’s a Bullet Hole in Lisa Marie’s Childhood Play Area

by Clayton Edwards

Elvis Presley was the King of Rock and Roll. The world knows that he poured his heart and soul into his career. It seems like he was always working on something. After all, he had a music career as well as a film career. On top of that, he had a family to look out for. So, he was a busy man. “Taking care of business,” was Elvis’ motto for a reason.

However, a person can’t just work all the time. Everyone needs a little downtime every now and then. So, with that in mind, Elvis Presley made sure there were plenty of ways to have fun at his Memphis mansion. Graceland had so much room for activities. The sprawling estate housed just about any activity that the King and his Memphis Mafia wanted to get into. They could cruise the grounds on ATVs. If that didn’t sound like a good time, Graceland had its own sports building complete with a racquetball court. They could even just sit in the Jungle Room and relax for a while and listen to the stereo.

But, one of Elvis Presley’s favorite ways to unwind was shooting. The King loved to send a little lead down the range. So, Graceland came complete with a makeshift shooting range. The placement of that shooting range led to bullet holes in unexpected places.

The Bullet Hole In Elvis Presley’s Daughter’s Slide

Elvis Presley and his Memphis Mafia companions loved to shoot. However, it seems like they weren’t big on gun safety. Most people make sure that there is something to stop the bullets behind the targets at which they’re shooting. Additionally, they make sure that nothing important will be damaged if a shot goes wide. However, the wild and wooly Memphis boys didn’t have such concerns

Elvis Presley’s makeshift firing range was behind Graceland, according to Express. To this day, you can still see bullet holes around the door of Vernon’s office out back. The bullet-shaped dings and dents in the bricks have all been covered with paint. However, if you get close enough you can still see them.

There is also a bullet hole in the bottom of Lisa Marie’s slide in her outdoor play area. We don’t know who fired the round that hit the little girl’s toy. Nor do we know how Elvis Presley felt about it. What we do know is that at least one shot went wild and plugged the playground equipment.