Elvis Presley’s Granddaughter Riley Keough Looks Just Like Her Grandmother Priscilla in Gorgeous Series of Snaps

by Jacklyn Krol

Riley Keough looks like the spitting image of Priscilla Presley.

In newly shared photos to promote her upcoming film, Zola, Riley Keough is seen posing for the camera. Fans quickly compared her image to her grandmother’s, as their style is uncanny. She is seen with her hair pulled back by a headband with a slight poof to it. This style is something that her grandmother did as well.

Riley Keough co-stars in Zola alongside Taylour Paige who portrays Aziah “Zola” King. Keough plays Stefani, who is a sex worker that goes on a road trip across the country to earn money pole dancing with Zola at her side. The women deal with surprises and scares along their journey.

Firstly, a real Zola actually exists. The movie was actually inspired by a Twitter thread from Zola who wrote about her wild experience with a stripper. In 2015, the thread went viral after she tweeted 148 times about her insane trip.

Zola originally premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2020. The release date was pushed to June 30 due to the pandemic.

Paige spoke highly of her co-star and revealed that after going to lunch, they had an “instant” connection. During their time off they would get a hotel and binge HGTV while ordering local food.

“We both have this thing where we feel like we haven’t quite surrendered to being in the bodies that we’re in,” Paige told Interview Magazine. “We feel so much bigger than our limited bodies. I’ve never really had someone articulate that before. That translated into chemistry.”

Ironically, Paige noted that Riley Keough’s “sweet” grandmother came to set and the trio witnessed a shooting star together.

What Riley Keough Had to Say About ‘Zola’

Riley Keough worked hard on perfecting the character of Stefani. Although she said that the majority of the details were written in the scripts, she wanted to bring Stefani to life. She told Where Is The Buzz? that she wanted to “make her as demonic as possible.”

Keough was able to work with a dialect coach to create the perfect accent for her character. She would often send them voice notes from her phone with ideas that she had.

Finally, Riley Keough told Jake’s Takes that she was in awe of the real Zola’s “confidence and writing in telling her story.”

“She has this sort of fearless quality in her writing and in her social media presence and in her life that is so inspiring. She’s incredibly funny,” she added.