Elvis Presley’s Granddaughter Says Mom Lisa Marie Surprises Her on Birthdays with a Dancing Gorilla

by Quentin Blount

Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of the iconic Elvis Presley, is apparently the master when it comes to hilarious birthday pranks. Just ask her daughter, Riley Keough.

Riley Keough, of course, is the granddaughter of the legendary rock ‘n roller, Elvis Presley. She made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon back in 2017. Her time on the show came shortly after she had celebrated her 28th birthday.

Fallon starts off the exchange by wishing Keough a happy belated trip around the sun.

“28, huh? I remember those years,” Fallon says with a laugh. “Did you do anything special?”

Keough says that she actually had a birthday dinner. That had previously been out of the ordinary for her, as she took a few years off from celebrating her birthday.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Fallon had heard some pretty crazy stories about how Riley’s mom, Lisa Presley, celebrated her birthday. And he couldn’t resist — he just had to ask Riley Keough if the rumors were true.

“Did your mom do the thing? I know about the story,” he said.

Evidently, anytime that Lisa Marie couldn’t make it to her daughter’s birthday, she would send someone else in her place. And we aren’t just talking about sending anyone here. The daughter of the great Elvis Presley would send a dancing gorilla in a tutu to wish her daughter a happy birthday.

“She sends a gorilla — a dancing gorilla in a tutu,” Keough says while the audience laughs. “It’s a real thing.”

“I think that’s fantastic,” Fallon replies with a smile. “It’s frightening but it’s real.”

Granddaughter of Elvis Presley Talks About the First Time Her Mom Sent a Dancing Gorilla

You would think that if you couldn’t make it to your kid’s birthday, that a card, or even a phone call or text would suffice. But when it comes to Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis Presley’s daughter, she apparently has her own kind of telegram in mind.

Riley Keough told Jimmy Fallon that her mom has sent her a dancing gorilla three times. She said that she was just 12 years old the first time it ever happened

“I was 12 and I was at school which was just horrible,” Keough said. “Because 12 is, like, when you are really cool.”

“I know!” Fallon chimed in. “You already have enough problems at 12 and then mom sends a gorilla in a tutu to sing happy birthday.”

Elvis Presley’s granddaughter explained what exactly happened and when she realized the gorilla, was, in fact, there to see her.

“It came into the schoolyard with a boom box, and it was playing some really terrible rendition of happy birthday,” Keough explained. “I didn’t even realize the gorilla was there for me until it put the boombox down and a voice said, “Is Riley here?”