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Elvis Presley Had a Beer-Guzzling, Prankster Pet Chimp Named Scatter

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Keystone/Getty Images

Elvis Presley was surrounded by many different people throughout his life. However, the strangest company he kept might have been his beer-guzzling pet chimp named Scatter.

The King of Rock ‘n Roll had an affinity for animals, especially one animal in particular. Presley had his very own pet chimp. And Scatter partied as hard as Graceland’s best. The chimpanzee started out on a local Memphis show where he learned several show-biz tricks. But his owner decided to sell the animal to Presley after about a year on the air.

Scatter took Presley’s bad-boy image to heart. In fact, the chimp went absolutely wild at the Graceland mansion. Presley’s new pet drank his fill of both beer and also whiskey and other fine liquors. He also had a thing for the ladies or at least their dresses. One of Presley’s entourage taught the chimp a few bad habits. One was lifting women’s dresses to peek under their skirts. He also hid in the bathroom to scare Presley’s female guests on more than one occasion.

Scatter’s antics earned him a knot on the head during one occasion. One of Presley’s female guests had enough of the chimp’s antics. She reportedly struck the animal when he lifted her skirt. But that didn’t deter Scatter’s wild side. On more than one occasion, he would bite people and fling his own feces at visitors. Once he even bit Vernon Presley’s new wife on the hand.

Elvis Presley Loved His Chimp

For his part, Presley found Scatter’s antics hilarious. He often dressed Scatter up in various suits and Hawaiian shirts. The chimp often matched his owner in dress and style. Presley would also release the chimp from its cage when he had a room full of guests. The resulting chaos made the King laugh.

On some occasions, Presley took Scatter for rides in his Rolls-Royce limo. A favorite prank of his was to dress Scatter in a chauffeur’s uniform and make it seem like the chimp was driving. Presley would duck his head down at traffic lights, and fellow pedestrians were shocked to see a monkey behind the wheel.

In fact, Presley seemed to be the only one that Scatter ever listened to. During one spell, all of Presley’s staff and entourage tried and failed to cage the chimp. Presley walked up to Scatter and sternly told him, “You coconut head you’d better get downstairs in your cage, And you’d better not bite anybody anymore you hear.”

Presley loved his pet chimp and initially gave him free roam of Graceland. But after several people complained, Presley finally agreed to cage the animal. He built Scatter his own climate-controlled room that housed the chimp. Scatter ended up passing away a few years later in his new habitat. The chimp reportedly missed running free in Graceland.