Elvis Presley Had a Crazy Number of TVs in His Graceland Mansion

by Emily Morgan

For decades, Elvis Presley has been a permeant fixture in pop culture. Fans first fell in love with him when he made his television debut in 1956. As the most popular medium of the time, television was Elvis’ direct way for him to connect with fans. If they couldn’t see him in person, people could gather in front of their televisions to see the King sing and shake his hips.

Speaking of television, Elvis had 14 of his own in his Graceland home, according to the official Elvis Instagram account. Elvis was a “huge TV junkie” and “had 14 TV screens set up all around the Graceland mansion.” They added: “He loved to watch football and prime-time favourites like Laugh-In, The Untouchables, The Tonight Show and The Match Game.”

If you’re lucky enough to visit his old adobe, you can also get a tour of Elvis’ TV room. Inside the black and yellow decorated room are three television sets mounted into the wall next to each other. According to the official Graceland website, Elvis got the idea to have multiple television in one room from President Lyndon B Johnson. Johnson would watch different news networks at the same time in the White House.

Elvis Presley’s Love-Hate Relationship With His TVs

Even though Elvis was obviously passionate about his TVs, it was a love-hate relationship. He was known to even shoot his TVs. If you visit Graceland, you can also see one of the fatalities on display across the road from Graceland, where some of his possessions are displayed.

During one recent interview, his cousin revealed why the King would oddly shoot the TVs. According to Billy Smith, it was because “most the time ’cause he wanted to! It might be something he saw on TV or it might of been something that bothered him,” he said.

“A lot of times you had to wait a little later until Elvis kinda went through whatever was bothering him and then he would tell you. I mean he could have been mad at somebody or something that happened and he would just…take it out on…and he shot several TVs now.”

In another interview, Smith revealed that Elvis even mounted televisions in the ceiling. “Later he also had TVs put in the ceiling so if you [lay down and looked up on the bed] you could see TV [and] you’d never have to sit up.”