Elvis Presley Had Many Pets During His Lifetime, Including This Shocking Mammal

by Jacklyn Krol

How many pets did Elvis Presley have? The King had quite the menagerie of animals, including exotic creatures.

Graceland became the home to many creatures, including a farm for his family. With his 13.8 acres of land, the sky was the limit. The official Graceland Blog revealed just how many pets he had and some of the more unique animals that lived under his roof.

His mother, Gladys, took care of the chickens while his father, Vernon, raised hogs, which he later ate. Elvis had his own bird, a turkey named Bowtie. In addition to Bowtie, he had a mynah bird. The parrot-like creature would repeat reasons why Elvis Presley couldn’t answer the phone. He spoke about his owner being asleep, isn’t here, etc. The family got a kick out of this.

When Elvis was gifted donkeys, the fence wasn’t ready just yet. So he put them in his empty swimming pool for a short while.

Elvis Presley was privy to horses and horseback riding. One of his favorite horses was a golden palomino quarter horse named Rising Sun. He had a variety of breeds of horses, he even bought his daughter Lisa Marie a Shetland pony named Moriah. He brought Lisa Marie and the pony inside for his grandmother Minnie May to witness. The pony did poop inside and Elvis cleaned it up himself.

All About Elvis Presley’s Pooches

Elvis Presley was the owner of more than a handful of dogs throughout his lifetime. Elvis had a Basset Hound that he aptly named Sherlock and two Great Danes named Snoopy and Brutus. He named some of his dogs after his character from “It Happened at the World’s Fair”: Oswald, Woosh, and Michael Edwards.

Elvis loved and cared about his animals. His Chow named Get Lo had bad kidneys so he sent him to Boston on his personal jet. Unfortunately, he passed away months after arriving and receiving treatment.

He often gifted animals to his loved ones. He gave his Pomeranian named Edmund to his Aunt Delta because he fell in love with her. In 1956, he gave his mother a small dog named Sweet Pea. In 1962, he gifted his only child Lisa Marie a poodle named Honey. He later gave her a cat named Puff.

The Unique Exotic Creatures

Some of the exotic pets had to be donated to the Memphis Zoo. Two Australian fans sent him live wallabies (similar to kangaroos). He later adopted peacocks. They scratched the paint of his cars so they were later given to the zoo as well.

Elvis Presley purchased a chimpanzee in 1961. He named him Scatter and was previously owned by television star, Captain Bill Killebrew. Elvis dressed the chimp in doll clothes and was always with him. Scatter’s behavior went awry and ran away from Elvis only to destroy a producer’s office. He spent out his remaining years at Graceland.

Finally, the Lewis family gifted Elvis a king squirrel monkey as a Christmas present back in 1966. The family purchased “Bambi” at the Katz Drug Store. The family were fans of The King and Elvis even invited them to the movie theater a few times. His then-wife Priscilla took a liking to the squirrel monkey.