Elvis Presley’s Hair Stylist Fixed the King’s Hair in an Iconic Way for His Funeral

by Jon D. B.

The closest of friends Elvis Presley would ever have in his lifetime was also his hairstylist and spiritual confidante, Larry Geller. In a remarkable, lengthy 2020 interview with Stig Ulrichsen, Geller would detail the last moments he ever shared with the earthly body of Elvis.

It almost sounds unimaginable, but the task at hand was made plain to Larry Geller. After the passing of his dear friend, Geller was asked to do Elvis’ iconic hair one last time. Always there for one another, he didn’t hesitate. Thankfully, however, Geller and Elvis had other pals who wouldn’t let him go through this alone.

“Charlie Hodge, who worked for Elvis, who played guitar and sang with Elvis on stage… He said to me, ‘Larry, you can’t go by yourself to do Elvis’ hair!,” Geller recalls to Ulrichsen of that tragic August in 1977.

“That’s too heavy, man. It’s too heavy. You need moral support. Let me be there. I’ll just stand there… You do what you need to do,” he continues of Hodge. “So Charlie came with me, and he just stood there…”

At the time, Elvis’ body was not at Graceland. “He was at a funeral home,” Geller continues, a lump in his throat. “Where they do the autopsy… They fix up his body. So I do Elvis’ hair, and I stood there over him, looking at him… And memories just start to flood my brain. And inside I’m crying! I’m having memories. I couldn’t believe this was real.”

“Elvis Presley is lying on a table and I’m preparing his hair… But I had to do what I had to do. And I did it.”

Elvis Presley: The Loss of a Friend and King

“The funeral, at Graceland, was two days later,” Larry continues, his words slowing. “After the ceremony, Elvis is lying in his casket and they’re gonna close the lid because he has to be buried now, so he would never be seen again.”

Geller remembers standing with the father of Elvis Presley, Vernon, alongside Charlie Hodge, George Klein, and a few others, all still in disbelief. At this time, the funeral director comes over and says “I’m very sorry, but it’s getting late and we have to close the lid,” Larry recalls.

“So he started to close it, and I’m looking [at Elvis], and I made a decision. I wanted to be the last person to ever touch Elvis Presley.”

While this may sound out of place in this context, Larry Geller and Elvis Presley were as close of friends as the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll would ever have in his lifetime. So much so, in fact, that Elvis’ infamous manager, Colonel Tom Parker was wary of Geller, even going as far as to dislike the “hold” he had over Presley.

After conversing with Elvis’ father, Vernon, Larry says he did just that.

“As the lid was coming down, I quickly put my hand on [Elvis’] forehead, and I closed my eyes. I said something privately, and silently, and then I pulled my hand out. And that’s what happened,” Geller concludes as he motions the closure of Presley’s casket.

Geller continues with some of the most remarkable moments from the short life of Elvis Presley below. Within, he details (to great length) the meeting of Elvis and The Beatles for the first time and much, much more.

Larry Geller was hairstylist for Elvis Presley. He also became Elvis very good friend, and his advisor into the spirituel world. In this interview with Stig Ulrichsen. Hear Larry Gellar talk about his life with Elvis Presley.

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