Elvis Presley Has a Crazy Amount of Songs With One Specific Word in the Title

by Clayton Edwards

Elvis Presley left behind a huge catalog of music. Over the course of his career, The King cut hundreds of songs. He and his band usually recorded a few different takes of a song before they got one to release. So, that means there might be a whole discography’s worth of songs sitting in a vault somewhere.

Fans have had decades to ponder Elvis Presley’s mountain of releases. So, it’s no surprise that they have been able to spot some uncanny connective tissue that runs between many of his tunes. For instance, The King released 15 songs with some form of the word “blue” in the title.

When you think about it, this makes sense. Elvis Presley cut plenty of sad songs. So, “blue” comes up several times there. Also, The King blended country, blues, and rockabilly. Several songs in those genres transform blues songs into something new. A fair amount of those tunes have “blues” right in the title. That only accounts for some of the songs, though. Sometimes, the word kind of comes up. Take a look at the 15 “blue” tracks released by Elvis Presley. Then. we’ll dive into some interesting facts about a few of the songs.

  • “Blue Suede Shoes”
  • “Blue Moon”
  • “When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again”
  • “Blue Christmas”
  • “Blueberry Hill”
  • “Blue Moon of Kentucky”
  •  “Blue River”
  •  “Milkcow Blues Boogie”
  • “Blue Hawaii”
  • “Mean Woman Blues”
  •  “G.I. Blues”
  •  “Moody Blue”
  •  “Something Blue”
  •  “Indescribably Blue”
  •  “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain”

Facts About Elvis Presley’s “Blue” Songs

As with most things involving Elvis Presley, there are some pretty interesting stories behind some of these songs.

We’ll start where Elvis Presley started – with “Blue Suede Shoes.” It was the opening track of his self-titled debut album. The song was originally recorded by Carl Perkins, who was friends with Elvis. Perkins cut his version in 1955 and released it as a single early the next year. Right around that time, Carl Perkins was in a car wreck in which he suffered several fractured vertebrae among other injuries. So, Elvis decided to record the song as a tribute to his wounded friend. However, he didn’t want to release it as a single until the popularity of the original version had waned a bit. The King didn’t want to knock his friend off the charts with a cover of his own song.

Elvis Presley recorded “Mean Woman Blues,” for the soundtrack of the 1957 film Loving You. That was Elvis’ first major film role. His acting debut was in Love Me Tender (1956).

“Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain” was a bona fide country hit before Elvis Presley recorded it. Classic country stars like Roy Acuff, Hank Williams, and Slim Whitman cut the track in the early days. Acuff recorded the original version in 1947. Willie Nelson featured the song on his 1975 album Red Headed Stranger. Elvis Presley recorded his version in 1976, months before his death. It was the last song he sang at Graceland before his death.

Finally, let’s look at “Blue Moon of Kentucky,” This cover shows the transformative power of Elvis Presley and his band. They recorded the song in 1954 as a blues-tinged rockabilly track. However, the original version was recorded by bluegrass legend Bill Monroe and released in 1947. It was originally a slow bluegrass song with a waltz beat.