Elvis Presley: These Historic Recordings Took Place in the Jungle Room

by Halle Ames

Which of Elvis Presley’s hit songs were recorded in the iconic Jungle Room inside Graceland? Find out for yourself.

Elvis Presley is the King of Rock and Roll, no new hard-hitting news there. However, when a King doesn’t feel like moving to get his work done, people bring the work to him.

Elvis Presley Jungle Room Recordings

Elvis Presley got tired of driving three hours from his home at Graceland in Memphis to Nashville just to record. So, the team packed everything up in a truck and brought the studio to him.

And where else would you record hit songs besides the iconic Jungle Room in Graceland? However, as we know it as the Jungle Room, Elvis Presley knew it simply as “the den.”

According to a 2016 article from the Rolling Stones, Presley would open many concerts with “‘I’m the king of the jungle, they call me tiger man.’ This unruly terrain of green shag carpeting, plastic plants, rainbow lights, and ersatz animal fur seemed perfectly appropriate.”

Prior to Elvis Presley’s death in 1977, he held his last few recordings within the walls of Graceland.

The bulk of the songs that are featured on Elvis Presley’s albums From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee in 1976 and Moody Blue in 1977 were recorded in the Jungle Room.

Inside the Walls of Graceland

In a video from Graceland in 2016 titled “The Gates of Graceland,” Tom Brown and Graceland’s Director of Archives Angie Marchese take a look at Elvis’ Jungle Room sessions.

“The Jungle Room sessions, so we are going back to February and October of 1976 in this very room,” said Marchese. “And the history that was made here and the historic recording that happened right here. The RCA truck was parked outside the window. They put up blankets on the walls. Of course, the carpeting on the ceiling made this room ideal already for recording for the acoustic value of it. They didn’t have the waterfall running at the time, but they pushed everything out of the way, brought in the musicians, and all Elvis had to do was come from upstairs down here.”

Wow, not a bad setup at all.

However, Angie Marchese revealed that Elvis Presley wasn’t exactly happy at this point in his life. He had numerous health issues and wasn’t in the best headspace, and his music reflected that.

“The sessions are so iconic. Him being in his house and being comfortable in his environment, but he was going through a lot. The session, the songs they were singing, and the choices he was making at the time really had that whole tone that he was going through something. And the music, like with everyone’s music, you express yourself with what’s going on in your life.”

Elvis Presley, unfortunately, died at the young age of 42 from a heart attack. Many of his unreleased works were published after his death to further honor the legend.