Elvis Presley: How Did He and Long-Time Girlfriend Linda Thompson Meet?

by Madison Miller

Elvis Presley had a reputation for being quite the flirt — it likely had to do with his striking good looks and his unmistakable Southern charm.

One night, Elvis Presley had rented out the entire Memphian Theater in July of 1972 for a private movie screening. It was the night that he would meet his girlfriend of four years, Linda Thompson. Despite a nearly empty theater, the “Are You Lonesome Tonight” singer checked in to see that Thompson wasn’t lonely that night.

Linda Thompson recently shared the story of the first time she met The King during the 2021 Elvis Tupelo Festival. She was sitting down and having a conversation in front of Tom Brown and an audience. She met Elvis Presley right after she had become Miss Tennesse Universe in 1972.

She also happened to be at the same theater as Presley. Thompson explained that she was in mid-conversation when Elvis Presley started banging on the door to the room she was in. His entourage panicked and scurried to open the door. He was holding a long flashlight and shining it around. He argued with the crew for locking that door.

First Time Meeting Presley

Suddenly, his light beam lands right on Miss Tennessee Universe herself. The “Can’t Help Falling in Love” singer immediately turned on the charm.

“The light shone on my face and he goes, ‘Oh, hello there’ … His whole demeanor changed and he became that charming and Southern gentleman. He walked over to me and said, ‘Who are you, honey?'” Thompson said.

For the rest of the night, Linda Thompson became his focus.

“We made small talk in the lobby and he was very gentlemanly and attentive. Then we went inside and sat down. He sat in the middle row of the theater, always, and they had a little TV tray always set up for him in the middle row,” Thompson also shared.

Even while in the theater, Elvis kept turning around to talk to her. Eventually, he got up and sat in the seat next to her. At first, Thompson was standoffish and wanted to leave after realizing that Presley was flirting with her. However, he cleared the air by informing her that he wasn’t married to Priscilla Presley anymore. The two had been separated since January.

Details of Elvis Presley and Linda Thompson Romance

They dated for four years, before eventually splitting up. She was 15 years younger than him when the two got together.

Linda Thompson wrote her own memoir in 2016 called “A Little Thing Called Life: From Elvis’s Graceland to Bruce Jenner’s Caitlyn & Songs in Between.” In the book, she talked about their passionate relationship, which the two spent most of it living in Graceland together.

She recalled a time where she tried to open up about some of her past relationships and Elvis seemed to physically recoil. He said, “Don’t ever, ever, ever tell me about a guy that you think is handsome. Don’t ever mention a guy that you think is good looking, or a guy that you dated in high school or college. I don’t want to know anything about it.”

It was a jealously and possessiveness that even Priscilla Presley has talked about in the past.