Elvis Presley: How the King’s Dance Moves are Included in an Iconic 1994 Movie

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by ullstein bild via Getty Images

The Elvis Presley estate played some fun, sentimental trivia Wednesday, teasing a historical moment that in reality, never happened.

The Elvis Instagram account posted:

“In what 1994 film does a young boy teach Elvis to dance?”

Ready for the answer? Need another clue? Tom Hanks won an Academy Award, in part, because his character taught Elvis some smooth dance moves.

It’s Forrest Gump, which made its debut on June 23, 1994. Forrest Gump isn’t a smart man — he’d tell you that — but he kept crossing paths with historical figures. Or, he impacted history on his own. Tom Hanks played Forrest. For a chunk of the movie, Forrest sits at a bus stop, telling amazing stories that couldn’t possibly be true. And in one of the scenes, he taught Elvis Presley to swivel his hips and dance to the music.

Forrest Gump Met Elvis When He Stayed at Their Boarding House

This was how Forrest Gump described how he crossed paths with Elvis.

“Our house was never empty,” Forrest says, referring to when his mother ran a boarding house to pay bills. “There were always folks coming and going. Sometimes we had so many people staying with us that every room was filled. Folks living out of their suitcases and hat cases… One time a young man was staying with us. He had a guitar case. “

The movie shows Sally Field, who plays Forrest’s mother, opening the door to a bedroom. A dark-headed man is sitting on a chair and playing the guitar. He has his back turned to the door. Forrest wore leg braces when he was young. So he was holding on to a broom as he awkwardly danced in front of a very young Elvis.

“I told you not to bother this nice young man,” Forrest’s mother tells him. Then Elvis says “Oh, no, that’s all right ma’am. I was just showing him a thing or two on the guitar.”

Then Elvis asks Forrest “hey man, show me that crazy little walk you just did, but slow it down some.”

Then we hear the narrator return. Forrest says: “I started moving around to the music, swinging my hips. One night, me and Momma was out shopping. We walked right by a big appliance store. Guess what?”

Forrest and his momma saw a TV set in the store window. On it, Elvis Presley was gyrating his hips as he sang “Hound Dog.” Forrest’s mother is stunned. She tells her son “this is not for children’s eyes.”

The scene flashes to Forrest sitting at a bus stop. He’s telling the story to a woman. And he ends the Elvis chapter with “It must be hard being a king. “

Although the singing was uncredited, Kurt Russell reportedly was the one performing Hound Dog.

Check out the scene with the young Forrest and the young Elvis.