Elvis Presley: How the King and His Daughter Lisa Marie Spent Their Time in the Jungle Room

by Keeli Parkey

Before Elvis Presley died in 1977, he had nine years to spend with his daughter, Lisa Marie Presley. And during their time together, they shared many moments in one of the most popular rooms at their Graceland home.

That space is the famous Jungle Room of the Memphis mansion. A recent virtual tour hosted by Graceland included details about how Elvis and the very young Lisa Marie would do while hanging out in the room. These details are included in a recent article by Express.Co.UK.

Here’s an interesting fact about the Hawaiian-inspired Jungle Room: Elvis Presley’s father, Vernon, said the furniture placed there was “awful.” Elvis purchases the furniture in 1974. Also, the King of Rock and Roll did not refer to the room by its now-popular name. Instead, he referred to it in much more mundane terms. For Elvis, the Jungle Room was just “the den.”

Whatever you call it, the space was where Elvis Presley and Lisa Marie could spend time together. So, what did they get up to?

“Lisa used to take her naps there in the large chair, which was her favorite napping place,” said Angie Marchese, an archivist at Graceland.

The King of Rock and Roll enjoyed having his breakfast in the Jungle Room. However, it did not occur at a time when most people eat breakfast. It turns out that Elvis preferred to stay up very late at night, then sleep until the afternoon. He usually ate breakfast around 4 p.m. Breakfast usually consisted of bacon, a Spanish omelette, and black coffee.

Elvis Presley also liked “the den” for the style of the room.

“It’s very dark here in the Jungle Room,” Marchese reportedly said. “That’s why Elvis liked it, it’s a very manly room.”

The Jungle Room At Graceland Was Used For More Than Just Family Time By Elvis Presley

While the Jungle Room at Graceland was a great place to take a nap or to have a very late breakfast, Elvis Presley used it for something else.

That other use was a recording studio. And, it turns out that Elvis recorded the album “From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis Tennessee” in the Jungle Room. He also recorded songs for “Moody Blue” there. It was his last album and six of those songs were recorded from “the den.”

The room was not set up as a recording studio. So, the King of Rock and Roll’s record company had to make accomadations.

“RCA parked their trucks outside the window and wired all the equipment inside,” Marchese said.

And since he preferred staying up late, Elvis usually didn’t get to the Jungle Room to record until 2 a.m.