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Elvis Presley: How the King’s On-Screen Idol Shared in Styling His Hair

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: RB/Redferns/Getty Images

Elvis Presley may have been one of the biggest names under the sun. But even he got star-struck from time to time and had idols. One of Presley’s biggest idols was Tony Curtis. And based on their hairstyles, they could have been brothers.

According to Elvis’ official Instagram page, Presley’s idol also dyed his hair black as well. In fact, the two shared almost the exact same hairdo. That’s on account of Presley modeling his famed locks after the actor in an effort to be cool.

Curtis admitted as much in a 2008 interview with The Guardian. The late actor discussed his and Presley’s similarities. “Yes, Elvis raised his hair like mine,” Curtis said.

Elvis Presley Met Tony Curtis

They say don’t meet your heroes, least they leave you disappointed. But Presley was never one for listening to such advice. So of course, the King made the opportunity to visit and meet Curtis after he became famous. The two met one day while on a lot at Paramount Studios. Presley had begun his career in Hollywood as an actor himself.

“I was making a picture at Paramount, and Elvis was on the lot,” Curtis recalled. “He had these big trailers, about a hundred feet long. I liked to get out, put on a sweater and shorts and walk around on the backlot, it was a lot of fun. I’d look at the sets and think where I remembered that from. I was immersed in movies, I just love them, and look at what a break they gave me. Made me a fortune. It’s fabulous. So I walked by his trailer, the door opened, I looked up, and there was Elvis. And he grabs me and pulls me in.”

Always the comedian, Presley managed to impress Curtis with one of his jokes. The two shared a couple of laughs and spent the day hanging out.

“he said, ‘Mr. Curtis, I want you to know what a fan I am. I used to watch your movies in Tennessee,'” Curtis said. “And I said, ‘Please, don’t call me Mr. Curtis.’ And this handsome kid looks at me and said, ‘So what do you want me to call you?’ And I said, ‘Just call me Tony.’ And I said, ‘So what do I call you?’ And he said, ‘Mr Presley.’ Bam, was he funny. We had a great time together.”