Elvis Presley’s Iconic TCB ‘Taking Care of Business’ Ring: What to Know About the Famous Piece of Jewelry

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

What would you pay for one of Elvis Presley’s signature rings? Find out just how much a piece of his jewelry recently sold for.

Certainly, owning a piece of history that once belonged to the King of Rock n’ Roll is priceless. Nevertheless, people are placing price tags on the King’s memorabilia and that tag is pretty high. Last year Graceland released a video highlighting some of Elvis’s jewelry that’s kept in the museum’s archives. During the video Angie Marchese, Graceland’s Vice President of Archives & Exhibits, unveiled some of the King’s long-lost jewelry.

“One of my favorite things is here in this box marked ‘jewelry,'” said Marchese. “It’s a ring we have on display quite often but right now he’s taking a rest.”

Marchese then pulled out a big item and began unwrapping it before revealing a chunky, over-the-top ring.

“It’s Elvis’s TCB ring. Made by Lowell Hayes in 1975. It has 16 carats of diamonds. The solitaire in the middle is an 11.5-carat diamond. And it has black onyx behind it,” Marchese said.

In case anyone is wondering, “TCB” stands for “Taking Care of Business.”

“Elvis wore this on and off the stage quite often,” said Marchese. “The cost was $35,000 in 1975. Just imagine what it would cost today. And it’s pretty heavy.”

Actually, we can imagine exactly what a ring like that would cost today. Another of Elvis’s TCB rings went to auction in December last year.

Elvis’s TCB ring is held in the Graceland archives.

How Much Would Elvis’s ‘Taking Care Of Business’ Ring Cost Today?

Elvis had several TCP pieces made after he adopted the mantra in 1969 when he returned to the concert circuit. One such ring auctioned as part of Kruse GWS Auctions’ sale of Hollywood and music memorabilia. The ring was similar to the one featured in the video except that the diamonds were smaller and it did not include black onyx. The auctioned ring was also designed by Lowell Hays. The 14-karat yellow gold ring featured a 7.56-carat VS2 diamond center and diamond accents totaling 2.25 carats.

Elvis was known to give away his jewelry. The auctioned ring belonged to Elvis’s backup vocalist J.D. Sumner who was also the lead singer of Sumner & The Stamps. Elvis gave Sumner the ring on stage at a concert in Asheville, North Carolina in 1975. During the same concert, Elvis announced that the ring cost him $40,000 which would equate to about $200,000 today. However, the ring went for far more than that at auction.

In fact, it set a new world auction record for a ring once owned by the King. The ring received 31 bids and sold for $440,625. That selling price made the TCB ring the most expensive ring once owned by Elvis Presley ever sold at auction. The previous record belonged to a horseshoe-shaped ring that sold for $204,800.