Elvis Presley: Incredible Story Behind Life-Changing Tip He Once Gave Limo Driver

by Matthew Wilson

Elvis Presley certainly enjoyed his vast wealth while he was alive. For a time, the musician was King of the world. But he was also generous and charitable to many as well. Just ask his limo driver for instance.

During an Elvis special, CNN host Larry King recounted a story of Presley’s great generosity. Most drivers wished they could have probably driven Presley around. On one occasion, the singer actually gave the driver his own limousine.

Presley had been performing in Miami Beach at one point during his career. The journey had a bit of planes, helicopters, and automobiles for the singer. Presley flew into Miami Beach International Convention Center and hopped on a helicopter to take him close to his destination. But to get the rest of the way, Presley took a limo for the 10 block difference.

After the performance, the same limo and limo driver picked Presley up to take him back to the helipad. Before Presley got on his helicopter, he asked the driver, “Do you own this limo or do you work for the company?”

The driver responded that he worked for the limo company.

“You now own it,” Presley said and bought the limo for the driver.

Elvis Presley Was Generous

Elvis Presley had other instances of generosity. For instance, several close friends estimated that the singer gave away around 200 Cadillacs during his life. He would buy up the vehicles and give them away to his employees and also to random people who admired his own ride.

He once gave a vehicle away to one of his fans as a birthday gift.

Meanwhile, Presley randomly broke out a bag of expensive jewelry during one of his 1975 concerts. He started handing out the jewelry to fans in the front row of the concert. Later, he assured his inner circle that he didn’t care about the expensive gifts he just gave away. For musicians like Elvis, money came easily and often during the height of his career.

He certainly enjoyed money. His Graceland mansion can attest to that. But he didn’t hoard it miserly and often enjoyed spreading the wealth around. That’s the kind of power that Presley often dabbled in and also made him even more endearing to his legion of fans.