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Elvis Presley: June Carter Cash’s Son ‘Believes’ His Mom Had an Affair With the King

by Clayton Edwards
( Photo credit: Bettmann/ contributor/ Getty Images)

Johnny Cash and June Carter shared one of the music world’s greatest love stories. The tale of their courtship and marriage is both iconic and inspirational. On one hand, they were together until June died in 2003. Publicly, they were one of the sweetest couples imaginable. On the other hand, they had to overcome so much during their time together. The strength of their love for one another isn’t something you see every day, especially not in the public eye. However, things could have been different. June Carter could have fallen in love with and married Elvis Presley.

At least, that’s how things sound in John Carter Cash‘s 2008 book Anchored in Love: An Intimate Portrait of June Carter Cash. In the book, he says that some believe that June Carter had something going on with Elvis Presley. It’s important to note, though, that this was before her marriage to Johnny Cash.

At the same time, June Carter denied ever being more than friends and touring partners with Elvis Presley. However, her ex-husband Carl believed that there was something going on between June and the King, according to an excerpt from the book quoted by Express. After her divorce from Carl, June would let Elvis stay at her house to rest after they toured together. So, her ex and countless others believed that the King was doing a lot more than resting with June.

John Carter Cash also mentioned that his mother would get a “Mischievous twinkle,” in her eye when she talked about Elvis Presley. When the King came up in conversation, June would tell her son that Johnny Cash was jealous of Elvis.

None of this is proof of an affair, of course. However, June Carter did spend a fair amount of time with Elvis Presley. On the other hand, it seemed that she and Johnny Cash were born to fall in love.

Elvis Presley Introduced June To Johnny

June Carter and Elvis Presley occasionally toured together. It was during their first tour that Elvis introduced her to Johnny Cash. When they toured the south, they would go to diners for meals. If the diner had a jukebox, Elvis would always play Johnny Cash songs. The King knew that his Sun labelmate was destined for the bigtime. He told June that he would introduce her to him. When he played the Opry, he lived up to his promise.

The night that Johnny and June met, she was singing backup for Elvis Presley at the Grand Ole Opry. The iconic couple met backstage at the Ryman. From then on, it didn’t matter if June had an affair with Elvis. She and Johnny were trapped in a ring of fire. That fire would burn white-hot until the very end.