Elvis Presley’s Graceland Jungle Room Treasure Chests Contained Surprising Items

by Jon D. B.

Glittering jewels? Worldly trinkets? Maybe some guitar picks? None of these items were found in Elvis Presley’s Jungle Room treasure chests. What was there instead, however, will shock fans of the King.

Chances are, if a die-hard Elvis Presley fan envisions the Graceland interior, The Jungle Room is what comes to mind. A favorite room of the late legend, Elvis picked out the Polynesian-esque furniture for what he called “The Den” in 1974. His father, Vernon Presley, thought his son’s choice in decor was horrid, but this didn’t phase him. Instead, Elvis ate the same breakfast there every afternoon at 4:00 P.M.: a Spanish omelette, burnt bacon, and coffee as black as his hair to drink.

Thanks to the remarkable curation of his Graceland home, the King’s palace remains today near-exactly as it was when he died. As such, The Jungle Room is full of fascinating glimpses into the life of Elvis Presley.

One feature tourists often point out amongst the Polynesian decor is Elvis’ decidedly non-Polynesian statue of St. Francis, the patron saint of animals. St. Francis sits beside the brick wall waterfall that so famously adorns The Jungle Room to this day.

One of the lesser talked about features of Elvis’ Den, though, is the slew of mini treasure chests that sit on the room’s shelves. This May, Express took a virtual live tour of the Graceland mansion, and on-site lead archivist Angie Marchese was on hand to draw attention to said treasure. What was found inside, however, came as a shock to Express – and will surely shock Elvis Presley fans, as well.

Elvis Presley’s Treasures Range From Shockingly Pedestrian to Mysterious

Elvis Presley’s “Jungle Room,” which he called “The Den” of his Graceland home. Photo by: Paul Natkin/Getty Images

One might expect the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll to possess worldly treasures in his personal treasure chests. The truth, however, shows the man behind the myth.

Instead of jewels or gold coins, Elvis’ small Jungle Room treasure chests hold remarkable glimpses into his daily life. Unaltered since his death, each one opens to show items belonging to a man simply living his life within his home.

Among Presley’s “treasures” are wires… A Lightbulb… Old batteries… and a padlock that no one in Graceland has the key to.

At least that last one retains a sense of true mystery! Though, honestly, it is far more rewarding to see the humdrum items of Elvis Presley’s life remain than it is to think he would keep actual treasure in his living room… Right?

Treasure of a Different Kind…

As for Graceland itself, the home opened for tours in 1982, and everything found in each drawer, box, and chest of the mansion was left as it was to be catalogued. Nearly every single knick-knack and daily item of Presley’s remains unaltered. Archivist Marchese explains to Express during their virtual tour that this was done so their reflection of the life of this legendary man “didn’t lose authenticity.”

While no actual treasure was found, other drawers in the home hold treasures of a different kind. A secret drawer exists beside the kitchen which still holds a 1993 phonebook belonging to Elvis Presley’s Aunt Delta. In fact, Delta lived at her family home of Graceland until her death that same year.

In this same secret drawer, though, remains perhaps the most precious treasure of all.

Inscribed into the wood itself is the graffiti of a child that reads “Lisa’s home Graceland.” This is, of course, left over from when Lisa Marie Presley lived with her mother and father in their famous home. For tiny Lisa Marie, however, it would’ve just been “Lisa’s home Graceland.”