Elvis Presley: The King Often Beat His Memphis Mafia at One Rigged Game at Graceland

by Josh Lanier

Elvis Presley was willing to go to great lengths for a win. The competitive King once supposedly rigged a game at his home so that he’d always win against his friends and family.

Graceland was filled with games and adult toys. Since Elvis spent so much time inside the massive Memphis mansion, he made sure it was filled with creature comforts. But according to Graceland tour guide archivist Angie Marchese, Elvis Presley also had rigged a pinball machine so that he could always get the highest score.

She explained how in a virtual tour of the mansion with the Daily Express. She showed off the machine that he kept at his racquetball court building to the British tabloid recently. The game still worked more than 40 years after Elvis’ death.

“It’s called Knock Out, and I’ve been told it’s been rigged for the first player to always win,” she said. “And, of course, Elvis also went first! How fun is that?”

The racquetball building was one of Elvis’ favorite in Graceland. He had it built for $250,000 years after he purchased the massive estate. And he spent his final night in that building.

There is a piano in the lower level, and Marchese said that Elvis sat at it the night he died and played “Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain” and “Unchained Melody.” It was a private concert for his girlfriend Ginger Alden, cousin Billy Smith, and his wife Jo after they’d played racquetball nearly till dawn.

Ginger found him dead the next afternoon.

Elvis Presley Had A Hidden Door In His TV Room

Elvis Presley made sure Graceland was full of secrets. After his death, some of the people who were close to Elvis divulged some of those secrets.

For example, Billie Smith was one of Elvis’ closest friends. In a new interview for his son Danny’s Memphis Mafia Kid YouTube channel, Smith offered remarkable insight into the early days of Graceland.

While discussing the many secret doors, drawers, and compartments of Graceland, Billie lit up. Billie may be one of the last remaining people to remember using a certain “little” secret door in Elvis’ TV room.

“You raised a little opening and there was a movie projector. You brought it around and raised an opening and it projected right on the screen,” Billie told his son, Danny.

“Naturally it had his movies and a couple of others and we would watch them down there,” he said of the tiny, secret closet-sized movie theatre Elvis added in.