Elvis Presley: The King’s Hair Style Was Called Many Different Names Before ‘The Elvis Cut’

by Clayton Edwards

This month, Elvis Presley’s estate is focusing on The King’s hair. Every day, they make a new Instagram post about Elvis’ signature locks. He spent a considerable amount of time maintaining his mane. In fact, he once said that his hair was his trademark feature. Even today, it’s one of the first things that comes to mind when people think of Elvis. So, it makes perfect sense to spend the month sharing fun facts about one of the most-loved attributes of one of the biggest stars in history.

Elvis Presley wore what is now called a pompadour. However, that name didn’t come around until later. Unsurprisingly, after The King rose to fame it was simply called “the Elvis cut.” It wasn’t until years later that the hairstyle got its current name. However, it had several names before that.

In yesterday’s Instagram post, the Elvis Presley estate talked briefly about The King’s iconic hairstyle. Before it was called “the Elvis cut” or the pompadour, it had several other names. For instance, it was called “the greaser,” or “the rocker.” If you think about the people who wore the style in Elvis’ era, these names make sense. It was the hairstyle of rockers and greasers. For instance, Fonzie from Happy Days famously rocked a perfectly shaped pompadour. That show came out in the seventies. However, the inspiration came from the style of the fifties.

It also went by more descriptive names like “the jelly roll,” and “ducktail.” Both of these names describe the shape of Elvis Presley’s iconic hairdo.

The pompadour has a long history that dates back centuries before Elvis Presley made it famous.

The History of Elvis Presley’s Iconic Hairdo

The style started in a pretty surprising place. Fashionable women of the eighteenth century wore it first. Then, it came back into fashion in the late nineteenth century as part of the “Gibson Girl,” look. It stayed popular until the onset of WWI, according to Northwest College School of Beauty.

It came back into fashion in the forties, just years before Elvis Presley made it big. At the time, pin-up girls and actresses favored a feminine version of the hairstyle. Then, around the mid-40s men started wearing their own version.

The modern name for Elvis Presley’s iconic hairstyle is actually a nod to its historical roots. People didn’t start calling it the pompadour until after The King made it famous. However, that name dates back to the mid-eighteenth century. It is named from Madame de Pompadour, the mistress of King Louis XV of France.

No matter what you call it Elvis Presley’s iconic hairstyle has been favored by royalty of one kind or another for centuries.