Elvis Presley’s Long-Time Girlfriend Linda Thompson Once Revealed What it Was Like Dating the King

by Clayton Edwards

Elvis Presley was the King of Rock and Roll. He was also a trendsetter and fashion icon. Just about everything the King did became legendary. Fans love everything from his music to his style. They travel from all around the globe to visit Graceland, his home and final resting place.

With Elvis Presley’s fame, talent, and looks it’s no surprise that he didn’t stay single for long. The King married Priscilla Presley in 1967. Priscilla left Elvis in February of 1972. They finalized their divorce in October of 1973. However, before that happened the King found a new love.

Elvis Presley met Linda Thompson in July of 1972. They hit it off almost immediately and started dating. They were together for four years.

Currently, Linda Thompson regularly shares memories of her time with Elvis with her nearly 200,000 Instagram followers. Yesterday, she posted an old interview in which she spoke about dating the King.

In the caption, Linda Thompson says that she has never seen the footage before. She adds that, judging by her hair and wardrobe, that it was shot on the set of Hee Haw. Thompson goes on to say that she hopes her followers don’t mind the recent posts about Elvis Presley. Thompson just came back from an Elvis festival in Texas and is heading to one in his hometown of Tupelo, Mississippi next week So, the King is heavy on her mind.

Linda Thompson on Dating Elvis Presley

The interview kicks off with a question about her relationship with the King. He asked, “Did you have any special difficulty dating Elvis? How did it affect you?”

Linda Thompson said that she didn’t have any difficulties dating Elvis Presley. She said, “Maybe because of my youth, or whatever, I’m a very adaptable person.” She was 22 when they started dating. Elvis was 37.

Thompson said that dating Elvis felt “very right and very natural.” She went on to say that once she got to know Elvis Presley, she no longer saw him as a big superstar. Instead, she just saw him as, “just a human soul that [she] happened to love.”

Thompson also opened up about going on dates with Elvis. It turns out that Elvis Presley never shied too far away from his good ol’ boy roots. They would ride golf carts around Graceland. Thompson said they would also ride motorcycles or three-wheelers.

Elvis Presley also took her on normal dates. However, he did so with a superstar twist. Just about every guy has taken their girlfriend to a movie. Elvis did that too. However, he would rent out the entire theater and show movies all night long.

Likewise, many people have gone on dates to the county fair. It’s a fun way to get out and do a variety of things with that special someone. Elvis Presley, however, did it with flair. He would rent out the entire fairgrounds and they would ride rollercoasters over and over again.