Elvis Presley’s Long-Time Girlfriend Linda Thompson Takes a ‘Walk Down Memory Lane’ at Her’ Former Home’ in Series Graceland Photos

by Samantha Whidden

Linda Thompson, the longtime girlfriend of the “King of Rock and Roll” Elvis Presley, took a stroll down memory lane over the weekend and visited her former home in Graceland. 

“I took a walk down memory lane today at my former home, where I lived for 4 1/2 years – Graceland in Memphis. I also revisited the airplanes that I flew on to countless concerts all around the country with the greatest entertainer who ever lived, Elvis Presley,” Thompson reveals in an Instagram post. “It’s surreal to remember decorating with him the legendary jungle room, stained glass peacocks in the living/music room, the fabric covered pool room, TV room & other areas – as well as the Lisa Marie airplane.”

Thompson also shared she went through Memphis on her way to the Tupelo Elvis Festival, where she was a guest and judge for the Elvis Tribute Artists contest. “The Elvis Tribute Artists have their own acronym! It is staggering to realize the legacy Elvis left behind. Truly amazing! I will always be grateful for the rarified honor of having been so close on such a deeply personal level to such a true icon – and for having been loved by him.”

Linda Thompson Talks Life With Elvis

Linda Thompson recently shared a video of an interview she had done while on the set of Hee Haw. During the interview, Thompson describes dating Elvis as “very right and very natural.” She explains that once she got to know the popular musician, she no longer saw him as a big superstar. Rather, she just saw him as, “just a human soul that [she] happened to love.”

Elvis married Priscilla Presley in 1967. The marriage didn’t last, with Priscilla leaving Elvis in February 1972. They finalized their divorce in October 1973. Prior to the divorce, Elvis met Thompson in July 1972. They hit it off almost immediately and started dating. Linda and Elvis were together for four years before breaking up in November of 1976. Presley died from a heart attack in 1977. 

Thompson now shares her experiences with Elvis through her social media accounts. She currently has 200,000 Instagram followers. Her previous posted interview also shares more details about Elvis’ giving nature.

“It almost got to be second nature with him. You know?” Thompson explains. “It was just a facet of his character. Like drinking a lot of water, you know? That was just part of his nature. And it was really astounding if you just sat back and pondered for a few moments about the extent of his generosity.”

Linda went on to add that Presley credited his Christian upbringing for his charitable personality. As her boyfriend, Elvis was just as giving in their relationship as he was to everyone else.