Elvis Presley: Take a Look Inside the Pool Room With Walls Covered in Pleated Fabric

by Halle Ames

Subtle was one word that Elvis Presley didn’t know the meaning of. Just take a look at his electric pool room inside Graceland. 

When we say pool, we don’t mean the swimming type, but the kind where you shoot balls into pockets, usually at a dimly lit bar outside of town. 

Elvis Presley’s Over the Top Pool Room

The King decorated the obnoxiously patterned room in 1974, so we will cut him a little slack. With the help of more than 350 yards of fabric, the walls and ceiling are all covering like a Christmas present. 

Threads magazine describes it best, “The Billiards Room is completely lined with pleated fabric in an elaborate print. The pleats telescope to the ceiling’s center, where the raw edges are covered by a fabric-covered medallion.” 

The article also states that Elvis Presley’s got the idea after a photo of an 18th-century billiard room. He talked it over with esteemed interior designer Bill Eubanks and the pleated pool room was born. 

The fabric is 100 percent cotton. Eubanks discovered the colorful design in a local store specializing in custom furniture. No, not walls and ceilings, but hey, you do you. 

It took men ten days to make the room what it is with meticulous cutting, pleating and hanging of the 350 yards of fabric. 

With the leftover fabric, Elvis Presley said, hey, why stop there. So, to match the rest of the room, two matching couches were created.

But Wait, Somehow There is More

Also featured in the room are two large stained glass lamps that cover the top of the table. Now it’s really like we are in a dive bar.  

The lamps were custom-made for Elvis Presley by Laukhuff Stained Glass in Memphis

Other accents in the room that make it the glorious mess that it includes “three Louis XV style chairs in one corner, an Asian-style brass-over-wood campaign trunk on a rattan stand, a Toulouse-Lautrec poster of a can-can girl, Indian accent pillows, and two chairs in 1970’s gold wide-wale corduroy.”

Additionally, a wood-burning fireplace is the only one of its kind in the house, with the two others being gas-burning. We are sure the fire would make the room feel even cozier, but according to Graceland’s website, Elvis Presley and his family stopped using the fireplace altogether in fear that the fabric would catch on fire.

With the amount of cotton fabric in the pool room, that is probably a wise choice. That room would light up like a match.