Elvis Presley Looks Transcendent in Snap Posted by the King’s Estate

by Clayton Edwards

Elvis Presley truly came alive on stage. He poured out every ounce of energy he had for the crowds that flocked to his shows. His dances, which incorporated his martial arts training, wowed those in attendance. He proved to the world that he was, indeed, the King of Rock and Roll every time he stepped onto a stage. They just don’t make entertainers like Elvis anymore.

Elvis Presley died in 1977. Luckily, his estate keeps in touch with his millions of fans. They run Graceland. Droves of people head to the Memphis mansion every year. They go to pay their respects ot the King as well as to feel closer to him. Some even claim to have seen his ghost there. However, his estate doesn’t just run the sprawling museum complex. They also control his social media accounts. In this way, they keep his memory fresh. At the same time, they bring information about the King to those gathered to learn more about him in the digital age.

Yesterday, Elvis Presley’s estate posted a photo of the King holding his guitar. It looks like he is in the middle of one of his iconic windmill strums. He is probably in the middle of one of his electrifying performances. However, the look on his face is pure peace. His eyes are closed and his face is relaxed. His facial expression looks more like he is in a state of mediation. Check out the photo below:

Elvis Presley’s “Hurt”

The caption of the post, however, doesn’t say anything about the photo. Instead, it informs fans that Elvis released the single “Hurt,” on March 12. 1976. This was just over a year before Elvis Presley passed away in August of 1977.

“Hurt,” was the only single off of the 1976 album From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee. It was a moderate chart success. The song landed in the top 40 on billboard’s Hot 100. It also broke the top-ten in the publication’s easy listening chart.

From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee was an interesting album The King and his band cut all of the tracks live. However, they didn’t record them in front of an audience. Instead, they all set up in Graceland’s legendary Jungle Room. At the time, Elvis was becoming more and more isolated. He didn’t want to go to the studio to cut new records. So, RCA sent all the equipment to Graceland. This allowed Elvis to record in the comfort of his own home.