Elvis Presley Loved TV So Much He Watched Three at Once

by Josh Lanier

Elvis Presley loved television. He was obsessed with it. In all, he had 14 televisions at his Graceland mansion in Memphis, one was even in the ceiling of his bedroom. But the most lasting image of his love of TV was his media room.

The King had three television sets, side-by-side, so he could watch all three major networks at once. He got the idea from President Lyndon Johnson who reportedly watched multiple news programs at once, Express said.

Check out Elvis’ set television set up here.

According to the official Elvis Instagram account, The King loved to watch football and shows such as Laugh-In, The Untouchables, The Tonight Show, and The Match Game.

Elvis’ cousin Billy Smith told the Express that Elvis always wanted to have access to a television. It’s why he had them installed in peculiar places.

“Later he also had TVs put in the ceiling so if you [lay down and looked up on the bed] you could see TV [and] you’d never have to sit up,” Smith said.

There was only one actor that would make Elvis look away. That was Robert Goulet, the lounge singer turned movie star. Elvis had a problem with the man, according to Collider.

“That jerk’s got no heart,” Elvis would yell when Goulet appeared on his screen. “That will be enough of that sh**!”

Did Elvis Actually Shoot His TV to Turn Channels?

Part of the later year’s Elvis Presley myth is his penchant for getting loaded while carrying a loaded pistol. And on occasion, he would shoot his TV to turn the channel. It’s too good a detail to get in the way of the story.

But is it true?

Yes and no. Elvis absolutely shot out a television. There is a museum across the street from Graceland where one of the TVs Elvis shot is on display.

But it wasn’t to change the channel. It’s not clear why Elvis shot his TV. Even he didn’t seem to know.

“It might be something he saw on TV or it might of been something that bothered him,” Smith told the Express.

“A lot of times you had to wait a little later until Elvis kinda went through whatever was bothering him and then he would tell you.

“I mean he could have been mad at somebody or something that happened and he would just … take it out on … and he shot several TVs now.”

One of his targets was Goulet, but why is unclear, according to a spokesman for Graceland.

“There was nothing Elvis had against Robert Goulet. They were friends,” Kevin Kern, a spokesman for Graceland, told the Associated Press in 2006. “But Elvis just shot out things on a random basis.”