Elvis Presley Made a Major Change to His Appearance When Joining the Army

by Clayton Edwards

Elvis Presley received his draft notice in 1958. Unlike many other stars, he had no qualms about serving his country. He entered the US Army as a private and remained on active duty for the next two years.

Elvis Presley could have done just about anything he wanted in the military. The Navy floated the idea of creating an Elvis-centric division that would contain The King and his pals from Memphis. The Air Force, on the other hand, wanted to use him as a recruiter. The Army offered him a Special Services position. This would have allowed him to continue being an entertainer while technically fulfilling his military duties. He would have none of that, though. At his heart, Elvis was an everyman from Mississippi. He signed on as a regular soldier and didn’t want any special treatment. He didn’t want the military to change for him. Instead, he wanted to do all he could to serve his country.

Elvis Presley’s estate posted a throwback picture of The King earlier today. Along with that picture, they detailed one change that Presley made while in the Army.

Elvis Presley went back to his natural hair color while in the Army, the post says. His hair was naturally sandy blond.

Elvis Presley’s Estate Focuses on His Hair

We’re getting this interesting piece of trivia today because Elvis Presley’s estate has decided to take the whole month of April to discuss his iconic hair. Elvis saw his hair as his trademark. So, he spent considerable time styling and maintaining it. From the style to the color, The King paid close attention to his locks.

Elvis Presley made another huge change to his appearance during his time in the Armed Forces. He didn’t just go back to his natural hair color. He opted for a military haircut. A US senator actually tried to intervene in the change. He argued that Elvis should be able to keep his trademark hairstyle. However, Elvis didn’t want any special treatment. While getting his regulation haircut, The King famously said, “Hair today, gone tomorrow.”

Elvis Presley served his country honorably for six years. He was on active duty for two years. During this time he was stationed in Friedberg, Germany as part of the 3rd Armored Division. After serving two years of active duty, Elvis transitioned to the Army Reserves for four years until his discharge in March of 1960. He discharged at the rank of Sergeant.