Elvis Presley Mega Fan Met The King Before He Died, Has Reportedly Since Gone to Graceland 400 Times

by Josh Lanier

A trip to Graceland is a must for any Elvis Presley devotee, but one superfan says he’s been to the King’s Memphis home more than 400 times.

Dennis Miller — not that Dennis Miller — recently made his milestone visit to Elvis‘ residence since it was opened to the public in 1982. But Miller was a trailblazer in that area. He visited the home in 1976 when Presley was alive and living there. He actually got to meet the King by chance on that first visit.

Miller was only 16 and visiting Memphis with his parents, the Express said. Already a super fan, Miller said his parents said they would let him see Graceland but planned on only a quick stop before going to lunch. As luck would have it, Elvis Presley’s uncle Vester Presley happened to spot them as they pulled up. He offered Miller the chance to hang out at the guard shack with him while his parents went to lunch.

Vernon said he had been given several fan cameras to take pictures of Graceland and send back and asked Miller on the errand. Miller was more than happy to come along. But as they drove up the long driveway, Miller said he noticed Elvis in a golf cart heading toward them. He leaped from the Jeep and rushed toward his idol.

“I saw Elvis coming down on his golf cart and Vester said, ‘Where you going? Get back in here!’”

Miller didn’t want to give up his chance, but luckily Vester again stepped in to help him out. He told the boy, “Get back in the Jeep, and I’ll take you over there.”

Vester introduced the two, and Elvis asked Miller, “How you doing son?”

“Elvis called me son, and I’ll never forget it,” he remembered. “And that was my meeting with Elvis.”

He’s been coming back ever since.