Elvis Presley’s Memphis Mafia Friend Opened Up About Priscilla’s Baby Shower Put on By Nancy Sinatra

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by: Getty Images)

A former member of Elvis Presley’s Memphis Mafia has shared their memories when an A-list celebrity threw a baby shower for Priscilla Presley

Elvis Presley’s daughter Lisa Marie Presley was born exactly nine months after her parents’ wedding in 1968. While Priscilla was pregnant, Elvis starred in Speedway alongside Nancy Sinatra. Sinatra would later host Priscilla Presley’s baby shower. 

In a Youtube video from the Memphis Mafia Kid YouTube channel posted in May of this year, Jo Smith, the wife of Elvis’ cousin, Billy, recalled going to the baby shower. 

 “I was the one picked to drive and Nancy Sinatra had the baby shower for her,” Smith reminisced. “We all went together and I picked everybody up and we went to Nancy’s house.

She added: “She was just a really nice lady and her mother was there. I loved her mother. Her mother was telling about things that were available then that she didn’t have when Nancy and her brother were born. We had a blast at her house. I remember she had a picture of Tommy Sands.”

Nancy and fellow singer Tommy Sands were married from 1960 to 1965. The baby shower was held a couple of years after the two divorced. “Tommy Sands was great back then too. We didn’t say it around Elvis, but he was,” the Memphis Mafia member added. 

During the Youtube video, someone asked Jo if they played any games or exceptional food at the shower.

 “No actually we just talked and they had a lot of food. There wasn’t a lot of time. However, she did say that she remembers that “Michael Landon’s wife was there…there was a lot of celebrities’ wives that were there. And back then men didn’t go to baby showers like they do now, so it was just all women.”

Frank Sinatra Hosts a Welcome Home Special for Elvis Presley

She went on to add that Patsy Gamble, Joan Esposito, and Sandy Schilling were also in attendance at the event. As for Nancy Sinatra, Speedway was her final acting role in a film. she first made her onscreen debut in 1960 during her father’s television special: “The Frank Sinatra Timex Show: Welcome Home Elvis.”

The program celebrated Elvis’ return from two years of military service in Germany. To welcome Elvis back to the states, Frank sent Nancy over to the airport to greet The King. 

The TV special would be Presley’s first TV appearance in over three years. The then 25-year-old crooner was pretty nervous about how his fans would receive him after being away.

However, once he got on stage with 44-year-old Sinatra, he was back to his old self as the pair performed a swing-time version of their own hits, including “Witchcraft” and “Love Me Tender.”

“We’re working the same way, only in different areas,” Sinatra joked to the camera as the music begins to play.