Elvis Presley ‘Memphis Mafia’ Member Revealed the King Wrote to Him About His ‘New’ Girlfriend During His Time in Germany

by Emily Morgan

In a letter penned to one of his Memphis Mafia members, Elvis Presley revealed his feelings about one of his former loves.

In the letter written to Alan “Hog Ears” Fortis, The King confessed how miserable he was in Germany while in the Army before revealing he had begun seeing a new girl while he was in Europe. However, at the time, he had a girlfriend back home.

In 1958, the U.S. Army drafted Presley and sent him to an Army barracks in Friedberg, Germany. The “Hound Dog” singer remained in Germany until 1960, when he returned to the U.S. and continued to sing. Although he was stationed overseas, it didn’t keep the ladies from going crazy over the star.

In the letter to his friend, Elvis wrote about seeing a new girl: “I have been dating this little German ‘Chuckaloid’ by the name of Margrit [Buergin].” He added that his new gal looked like the famed celebrity Brigitte Bardot.

“It’s Grind City. Well, I gotta go wade in the mud,” he continued, which could’ve been a reference to how Elvis and Margrit were spending time together.

Sadly, Elvis and Margrit reportedly didn’t last. However, she was the first woman he spent time with while overseas. Additionally, it may not have survived because she was also 16-years-old. After the Friedberg newspapers got word of the rumors, their relationship made headlines. The newspapers even went so far as to call Elvis a “cad” for dating so many girls.

Elvis Presley’s ‘Miserable’ Time Overseas

At the time, Elvis Presley was supposed to be dating his childhood love, Anita Wood. Moreso, Elvis also confessed to his friend that he wasn’t so happy while in Europe— in fact, he describes being miserable.

“Well, you know I am bound to be pretty lonely or I wouldn’t be writing a letter, he wrote. “We are up at a training area for 50 days and believe me, it’s miserable. It’s cold, and there is nothing at all to do up here. I am about 200 miles from Friedberg and won’t be back until the 20th of Dec.”

He continued: “It will sure be a great Christmas this year. ‘ha’ I would give almost anything to be home. You know it will be March of 1960 before I return to the States. Man, I hate to think about it.”

However, some fans theorize that Elvis Presley must have written the letter early on in his tour in Germany as he went on to reveal that he had “another two years” left there. He added: “I can hardly wait to start singing, traveling, making movies, and above all seeing the old gang and old Graceland. All I do is sit and count the days.”