Elvis Presley and His Mother Gladys Shared One Thing When it Came to Their Hair

by Halle Ames

Elvis Presley was known for his iconic hair. Just picture the King if he were bald… Not so legendary anymore. 

The jet black slicked-back hair was as much a part of Presley’s image as his bedazzled jumpsuits. Like peanut and butter. Like green eggs and ham. It was Elvis Presley and hair. 

A recent social media post from the King’s estate shows our beloved rock and roller getting his haircut like anyone else. He is draped in a long white striped sheet to protect his clothes, and a long line of other customers is seen in the background. 

Elvis Presley and his beloved mother, Gladys, shared one thing in common when it came to their hair. They both had a particular hairdresser that they preferred over the rest. 

Mr. Gill was the hairstylist entrusted with the icon as well as his mother’s luscious locks. 

You said HOW MUCH for a haircut?

Although, how much did one of these prestigious haircuts cost? Glad you asked. According to a handwritten check from Elvis Presley himself, the King was paying top dollar for the service. 

“In the photo, we can see that Elvis Presley paid a hundred dollars for a haircut,” writes Outsider staff writer Clayton Edwards. “To most guys, that’s an insane amount. However, if you look at the rate of inflation, it gets even crazier.”

“Presley wrote the check in the photo in 1961. In today’s money, that’s around $874 and some change. That’s right. In modern money, The King dropped almost nine hundred bucks for a haircut.”

Can you imagine! We can’t even justify a $5 lunch special. Then again, we also do not have the same fund that Presley did. 

Elvis Presley’s Natural Hair

Another elite stylist that was allowed near Elvis’s hair was Larry Geller. Geller was known to style and trim Elvis Presley’s mane for years. He was also the brains behind the potion of different dyes to get the perfect color and even followed him on set to make sure it was always looking its best. 

He did a top-notch job.

However, a little-known back about the King is that his natural hair wasn’t black at all. It wasn’t even close. 

According to HMV, his hair began to get naturally darker in his late teens, from blonde to light brown. Furthermore, it was never the jet black that he wore when he was famous. 

Imagine a blonde Elvis Presley. Goodness, it’s like an identity crisis.