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Elvis Presley Often Used Two Popular Colognes Still Available Today

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

The one and only Elvis Presley used two colognes that are actually still sold today. The iconic singer isn’t just known for his musical talents. Everything from his hair to his clothes was trendsetting, so why should his cologne be any different? Here are the surprisingly affordable colognes Elvis used, according to Graceland’s Youtube Channel.


BRUT was created in Paris in the 1960s. When you think of a cologne worn by a rock icon, the word “affordable” likely doesn’t come to mind, but with Elvis, it should. You can find a 5oz bottle of BRUT online for under $10. BRUT’s masculine scent is described as having citrus top notes with undertones of spicy woods. Ideal for evening wear. It’s not hard to imagine Elvis wearing a cologne like brut during a concert.


Canoe by Dana is a cologne launched in the 1930s. Elvis wore this cologne on numerous occasions, and just like BRUT, it’s relatively inexpensive. Coming in at under $25, Canoe is recommended for daytime use vs. evening wear. With vanilla overtones mixed in with a warm, spicy scent, Elvis Presley was sure to get compliments on this distinct cologne.

Elvis Presley’s Outstanding Career

Elvis was known for his sense of style and his iconic hair, but his legacy lies in his singing. Known as the King of Rock, Elvis’s music firmly cemented itself in not only music history but American history. The man’s career was defined by his ability to stand out, even if it meant causing some controversy.

Presley received a guitar from his mother for his 11th birthday and immediately took a liking to music. He and his family moved to Memphis, Tennessee, in 1948 and shared a small two-bedroom. Presley was particularly close with his mother and even got teased for being a “mama’s boy.” Before skyrocketing to fame, Elvis was a delivery driver for crown electric. But with a voice like his, it wasn’t long before the man rose to stardom.

1n 1954, he started releasing music with the record label, Sun Records, in Memphis. Two years later, he was essentially a household name. Presley drew from a wide range of influences. Drawing from pop, country, gospel, and R&B, Elvis created a sound of his own. This iconic sound helped usher in a new era of music.

On top of being a successful singer, Presley was in 33 films and many television specials. He also served in the US Army. His massive collection of awards speaks to his talent and success. Presley died at 42 years old on August 16th, 1977, leaving behind an ever-remaining musical legacy.