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Elvis Presley Once Agreed to Record a Jingle for a Box of Donuts

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Besides being a music connoisseur, Elvis Presley was quite the foodie.

He’s most known for his signature sandwich, a peanut butter and banana combination. Now that flavor combination is often called “The Elvis,” whether it’s ice cream or other types of food.

That isn’t where his love for food ends, however. There was a sweet breakfast treat that Elvis Presley would go through extreme measures for. Or, in this case, just a trip to the studio.

Elvis Presley and His Love For Donuts

Elvis Presley was a human like the rest of us. At least we don’t have any evidence to prove that he isn’t.

While he possesses more talent than the average person, his love for donuts is something he shares with many.

According to Factinate, Presley had a notoriously strong love for donuts. He once recorded a jingle for Southern Maid Donut Flour Company. He didn’t want to be paid for the jingle. Rather, he did it in exchange for a single box of hot donuts.

It was a low price and he likely could have even gotten away with even a second box of donuts.

His passion for donuts was so strong that it was the only thing he was ever willing to do a commercial endorsement for. He had many TV appearances, but his work with Southern Maid Donut Flour Company was his only commercial experience.

Elvis Presley’s Diet

While they might have been some of his favorites, Elvis Presley didn’t exclusively eat peanut butter and banana sandwiches and donuts.

In fact, many people believe that Elvis’ heart attack in 1977 was possibly a combination of his alleged drug use and his poor food choices.

According to So Yummy, Elvis Presley was consuming about 10,000 to 12,000 calories per day near the end of his life. His diet was also a lot of greasy and fatty foods.

His traditional peanut butter and banana sandwich even had an unhealthy twist. He would often add bacon and fry the sandwich in a pan with butter or bacon fat. One of his favorite meals was what was called the Fool’s Gold Loaf. It was an entire loaf of sourdough hollowed out with an entire jar of jelly, a whole jar of peanut butter, and a pound of bacon.

Some other foods the King indulged in were hot dogs and sauerkraut, BBQ bologna, cheeseburgers, coconut cake, and fried pickles.

One of his most normal meals was his famous meatloaf. There’s a number of different cookbooks now devoted to spreading Elvis’ love for food. There is “Fit For A King: The Elvis Presley Cookbook” or “The Presley Family Cookbook” among many others.

According to Business Insider, Elvis Presley tried to lose weight on several occasions. He tried the very dangerous and ineffective diet known as the “sleeping beauty diet.” This is where people take sleeping pills to sleep for a longer period of the day in order to avoid eating.

The dangerous diet actually put him in a coma. In another instance, he was allegedly put under a medically induced coma, which is even more dangerous, so he could not eat for a few days.