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Elvis Presley Once Bought Rolls-Royce From ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Michael Landon: Here’s How It Went Down

by Jon D. B.
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To be a fly on the wall for this purchase. Good friends during their respective short lifetimes, Elvis Presley actually bought one of his gorgeous Rolls-Royce classics from television icon Michael Landon.

The image above shows Elvis Presley’s very Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III (classic white). Aside from being an absolutely stunning tank of a vehicle, this one, in particular, was owned by both Elvis and his friend, Michael Landon.

While we struggle to think of any celebrity on the same level as Elvis Presley, Michael Landon was and remains (as Outsider frequently cites) an absolute television titan. During their heyday, there wouldn’t have been a more famous man on the planet. And they bought cars from one another, played football every Sunday, and simply enjoyed life to the fullest together.

As for the Rolls-Royce, “Little House on the Prairie” icon Michael Landon first bought it brand new in 1966. According to The Hollywood Garage, Elvis then bought the Silver Cloud III from Landon around 1970. The two were playing a game of football (as kings of pop culture do) as they did every Sunday. The two became close when Elvis began spending more time at his home in Beverly Hills.

There, The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll would organize touch football games Sundays at De Neve Square Park in Holmby Hills. During one of these games, this gorgeous white beauty caught the eye of Elvis Presley – and it became his.

What Became of Elvis Presley & Michael Landon’s Rolls-Royce?

Then, around 1976, Elvis gave the Silver Cloud III to another famous friend, country music’s Charlie Rich. The classic would stay with Rich for a few years before ending up with fellow country singer Charly McClain.

Elvis Presley’s Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III. Purchased new in 1966 by actor Michael Landon, Elvis bought it from Landon…

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But that’s only the half of it, as this Rolls has quite the remarkable legacy. McClain then sold the Silver Cloud to another famous singer, Jimmy Velvet, who was also a close friend of Elvis Presley.

Interestingly, Velvet and Presley had been friends since 1955, and Elvis would even give him a Mercedes 600 in 1974 a few years before his death.

Once the King passed in 1977, Jimmy Velvet would go on to open several Elvis Presley museums in his friend’s honor. One of which was right across the lane from Graceland, years before the historic estate would open to the public.

Through it all, Velvet would display the white Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III in his Presley museums. Then, finally, the famous car would come full circle and return to Elvis’ estate at Graceland, where it remains to this day.

Today, tourists can see its shining white splendor right next to his other Rolls-Royce, the black 1960 Silver Cloud.