Elvis Presley Had One Surprising Hobby Other Than Music

by Halle Ames

Considering Elvis Presley is regarded as the King of Rock and Roll, it’s surprising that he had time for anything other than music.

Yet, the music legend had a not-so-secret hobby. Elvis Presley loved to read.

According to Graceland’s website, the artist had a library within the Graceland Mansion. Presley has a large and broad selection of books, similar to his record collection.

Elvis Presley’s Extensive Bible Collection

However, the King took an interest in religious books. As a faith-driven man, Presley even changed his middle name to reflect the spelling of “Aaron” in the Bible.

Elvis Presley owned many versions of The Holy Bible. They consisted of both hard and soft covers and store-bought or gift-given.

For example, one gift that Presley received was from The Elvis Presley Fan Club in Melbourne. It was a New Chain Reference Bible, and stamped on the inside cover are the words “To Elvis with Fondest Wishes from Your Australian Fans.”

Presley’s favorite Bible, however, was his beloved King of Kings Holy Bible. Within its pages, Elvis Presley would write messages to himself on pages of sheet music. For inspiration, The King also kept a note from a fan, a card, and a bookmark.

Religion was a large part of Elvis Presley’s life. He constantly wanted to learn more and felt inspired by the words.

“His library reflects that: Titles in his library include “Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning” by Thomas Troward; “The Mystic Bible” by Dr. Randolph Stone; “Certain Women – A Study of Biblical Women” by Zona Bays Marshall; and, of course, one of his favorites, Joseph Benner’s “The Impersonal Life.” Elvis purchased hundreds of copies of that book over the years and gave them to family and friends.”

Other Genres The King Enjoyed

In addition, Elvis Presley often would pack many books with him when he hit the road to go on tour.

The estate reveals that Elvis Presley’s favorite books were not hard to point out. The covers were apparently “well-worn and well-loved.”

Inside the books, Presley would scribble notes within the margins and underline parts he particularly enjoyed.

Besides a plethora of Bible, the late artist has a fascination for history books, like American History, U. S. Presidents, World Wars I and II, the Kennedy family, Winston Churchill, and Eugene Lyons. Elvis Presley also enjoyed historical biographies.

He read about sports, especially football and karate.

Elvis also owned a signed copy of John Vaught, famed Ole Miss football coach’s book, “Rebel Coach”.

One other topic Elvis Presley has a lot of books about were children’s books. He often would read to his only child, Lisa Marie Presley. Unfortunately, Elvis died when she was just nine years old.