Elvis Presley: This Part of Graceland is Off-Limits to Visitors

by Matthew Wilson

Every year over 600,000 visitors make a pilgrimage to Elvis Presley by visiting the King’s iconic Graceland mansion, located in Memphis, Tennessee. In fact, the mansion is the second most-visited house in America after the White House.

But even the most expensive V.I.P. tour won’t let you see all of the mansion. There’s part of Presley’s estate that’s closed off to visitors. Tourists can’t visit Presley’s master suite located on the second floor of the mansion. Much like it was in Presley’s life, the suite remains a private refuge for the family.

Presley only ever invited his closest friends and family to the room. The suite also lives in a bit of infamy as the place where Presley died. The King of Rock ‘n Roll passed away on August 16, 1977, in the suite’s bathroom. As a result, the family sealed off the suit to respect Presley and to keep fans away from the site of his death. But they opened the rest of the house for tours in 1982.

Give its exclusive nature, many of Presley’s fans have pondered the contents of the room over the years. Some believe the family left the room untouched. They believe that the room is the same as Presley left it, waiting for the King to return. According to People, there are not recent authentic photos of the suite. But fans compiled photos of what the area looked like when Presley was alive.

Lisa Marie Presley’s Secret Room

Only Priscilla and Presley’s daughter Lisa Marie have access to the room. In fact, they turned away kinds of famous guests and celebrities wanting a peek at the area. Only Lisa Marie’s ex-husband Nicolas Cage got to view the area when the two were married in the 2000s.

Once during an interview with Oprah, Lisa Marie showed off a secret room in the Graceland mansion not open for public. It’s unclear if this is the same area or if the family has a couple of rooms for just their eyes only.

“It’s very comforting that I can come. Nobody actually knows that this is here,” Presley told Oprah. “I know I can come at any time and rummage through the boxes and grab stuff. It’s quite comforting. The whole thing, even the house is like a little time capsule of the past and nothing has ever changed.”

That room proved to be a treasure trove of Elvis Presley memorabilia. For instance, the room had various jewelry and rings, a collection of sunglasses, and also an assortment of jumpsuits the King wore. Lisa Marie also stored around 60,000 photographs of Elvis and various moments in his life. Graceland remains a place of comfort for her.