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Elvis Presley: Perfume Inspired by The King Himself Goes Up for Sale

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Bettmann / Contributor/ Getty Images

Elvis Presley is in the air. Fans of The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll can purchase a new perfume that is inspired by Presley himself.

Fans of the iconic musician can’t help but fall in love with the idea of a Presley inspired fragrance.

The product is called Forever For Her. The bottle is shaped like a classic vinyl record. The top part that pulls off to spray the perfume is made to look like a 1950s microphone. According to the Graceland site, the fragrance is a medley of mandarin, apple blossom, pink pepper, and jasmine. It also has notes of fluffy musk, ebony woods, and crystal amber base.

A 3.4-ounce bottle is selling for $49.99 on the site. The perfume can also be purchased on Amazon, here.

The perfume likely doesn’t smell very similar to the type of cologne Elvis Presley wore. In fact, in an interview in 2017, Priscilla Presley told the audience that he used to wear Old Spice. She also said that there were very few options back then for him to choose from.

There is also the Forever for Him fragrance that is sold by his estate. It comes in a very similar bottle but has a different smell profile to it. The cologne has notes of black pepper, fresh aldehydes, sparkling yuzu, and gin and tonic. It also has a base of vetiver, amber, musk, incense, and fir balsam. It is the same price as the perfume product.

Elvis Presley, Fashion Icon

Elvis Presley, despite passing away over 30 years ago, continues to have a major impact on fashion. In many ways, Elvis Presley helped to change the way men dressed.

According to Esquire, Presley was one artist who helped to bend the very rigid expectations regarding clothing and expression in the 1950s and onward. He often dressed in pink clothing, loud floral prints, and bedazzled jumpsuits. He was familiar with lace, crop tops, and had experience putting on mascara and other makeup.

After his live broadcast performance from Hawaii and even his film “Blue Hawaii,” the Aloha style has continued to be a staple in high-end brands.

“The flamboyance of Elvis’s stage-wear liberated men to wear clothes that were more outrageous than they had worn since the nineteenth century,” said British tailor Edward Sexton.

Presley is also known for his use of all-leather suits. His all-black leather get-up for his Comeback Special concert was meant to symbolize a rebirthing to some degree. Now, an all-leather look continues to symbolize rebellion and outlaw to many.

Presley had influenced an entire generation with his edgy rocker look. Even now, that rebellion and experimentation continue into men’s fashion.